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SLA & Rechargeable Batteries

Use our Fast Search Battery Finder to discover batteries for every situation and application. Shop our wide selection of sealed lead acid (SLA), alkaline, rechargeable lithium and conventional style batteries and save! If you cannot find what you are looking for please call 866-668-3163 and allow Impact Battery to direct you to what you need. UB12350 mobility scooter batteries are on sale now!

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More Than Just Motorcycle Batteries

Yes, we are the online leader for motorcycle battery sales as we offer the largest selection of quality American and foreign made AGM, lithium and conventional style power sport batteries. However, we also specialize in SLA deep cycle batteries for marine, RV and solar applications. The Concord made Sun Xtender brand is by far the best in class sealed lead acid solar battery on the market. Our Universal Power branded sealed lead acid SLA batteries are perfect for scooters (two wheeled electric and mobility), UPS backup systems, security alarms and some medical devices. Our three most popular SLA batteries are the 12V 35Ah battery, 12V 9Ah, and 12V 15Ah. Impact battery also offers a limited range of rechargeable household batteries including AA, AAA, CR123, etc. Our hobby batteries are growing! Check out the Airsoft batteries and RC car section. We expanding into new applications each year, so if we don't have what you are looking for feel free to call as it may be offered shortly.

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Be Kind To Your Battery

Lead acid batteries are very forgiving. Their tolerance for being able to handle overcharge situations is incredible. However, when it comes to under charging or leaving the battery in discharged state we are talking a different story. Leaving a battery discharged is akin to going to sleep in carbon monoxide; a slow and painless death is assured. Discharged lead acid batteries sulfate. Some more than others depending on the internal make-up, ambient temperature, and depth of discharge. There are chargers on the market that can help reverse this buildup of sulfur crystals on the plates, but why not try and avoid it in the first place? The best way is to leave your batteries connected to a smart charger when not in use and to recharge depleted batteries immediately after use. Be proactive, a simple $30-70 charger can save you countless hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars in replacement battery cost.

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  1. Procell Professional AA Batteries

    Procell Professional AA 4-Pack by Duracell

    4-Pack Industrial grade AA batteries made in USA by Duracell Learn More
  2. AG13 / LR44 Button Cell Battery

    AG13 LR44 357 1.5V Button Cell Battery

    Most widely used button cell battery. The AG13 / LR44 fits a host of applications. Learn More
  3. AG1 / LR621 Button Cell Battery

    AG1 LR621 364 1.5V Button Cell Battery

    The AG1 / LR621 is typically used in small toys and watches. Learn More
3 Item(s)
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