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Power Wheels Batteries for 6 Volt & 12 Volt Fisher Price Toys

Replacement Batteries for Power Wheels Ride-On-Toys

The Fisher Price Power Wheels brand is one of the best known in the world. They pioneered the ride-on-toy and turned it into a staple for many households. We have your next replacement 6V & 12V Power Wheels battery or Power Wheels charger that will meet or exceed the original specs. Our Power Wheels battery chargers & batteries allow for a longer run time between charges.

Power Wheels makes both 6V and 12V toys dating back to the 1980's. We have current OEM products and vintage replacement batteries covering all the special connectors and plugs used over the decades.

Grey vs. Orange Top Battery

We get asked fairly regularly what the difference is between the all grey colored and grey with orange top 12V batteries. Or sometimes the question may be, "Can I use the orange top battery instead of the solid grey colored battery?" or visa versa.

Aside from the color differentiation there is no difference in the battery voltage or amperage. They are both 12 volt batteries. They both have a 9.5 amp hour capacity rating. They both use the same connector and charger.

The only material difference is that the orange top battery (model 00801-1776) has a 40A breaker vs the original 30A breaker used in the all grey colored Power Wheels battery (model 00801-0638 or 00803-1277).

If your toy came with the orange top battery, then it is best NOT to buy the all grey version as the toy draws more power and will trip the internal breaker. You can still upgrade to the 12V 14Ah PowerTron aftermarket battery.

If your toy came with the all grey colored battery you are free to use any of the 12 volt battery replacement options.

To see a discussion on this topic and a picture of what the battery looks like under the lid checkout

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  1. $79.95


    PT1412 Replacement offers nearly 50% more power than original 12 Volt Power Wheels battery! Save with coupon code: PW2012

  2. $65.95

    Original Fisher Price 12 Volt Power Wheels battery replacement for part number 00801-1776 or 00801-1661 and older models including 00801-0638 and 00803-1277.
  3. $23.95

    Charge your 12V GRAY battery with this Power Wheels 12 volt charger.

  4. $22.95

    Availability Note: ETA June 24th

    Original Blue 6V Power Wheels Battery.
  5. $15.95

    Charge your 6V BLUE battery with this Power Wheels 6 volt charger.

  6. $29.95

    Original Red 6 Volt 9.5 Amp Power Wheels Battery w/ 'A' style connector.

    Want one that will run longer for the same price? Click here.

  7. $55.90

    This listing is for Two (2) 6 Volt 12 Amp UB6120_TOY Power Wheels replacement batteries w/ 'A' style connectors by UPG
  8. $32.95

    6 Volt 12 Amp UB6120_TOY Power Wheels replacement 00801-0712 red battery w/ 'A' style connectors.

    Want the original red colored Power Wheels battery? Click here.

  9. $19.95

    Charge your 6V RED battery with this Power Wheels 6 volt charger.

  10. $29.95

    Availability Note: TBD

    Works with most Fisher Price Power Toys made between 1988-2000 w/ the 'H' style connector: Battery part numbers 00801-1234, 00803-0437
  11. $28.95

    6 Volt 12 Ah Fisher Price Power Wheels replacement battery w/ SAE type connector
11 Item(s)
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