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Original IAKB0522 Battery
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24 Volt Peg Perego Battery IAKB0522 (Original) Yellow

Quick Overview

Official Peg Perego 24V Sealed AGM Battery.
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    In Stock

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    Peg Perego

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  • Warranty

    6 Mo. Replacement


The yellow cased IAKB0522 battery is the drop in ready 24 volt 12 amp battery provided by Peg Perego. These batteries can be used in all of the Peg Perego 24V powered ride on toys such as the Polaris Sportsman 850 Twin and Gaucho Superpower replicas.

There are actually two 12 volt batteries connected in series inside the yellow case. At first glance it may appear to be one battery but upon closer inspection you will notice a sticker covering the seam. Connecting the batteries like this provides more power meaning the toys can move faster when compared with the 12V blue battery packs.

Peg Perego does not actually manufacture these batteries. They contract with a battery factory to have there logo and wire harness placed onto the battery. This means the battery you are replacing may have a different part number listed on the side and will indicate MADE FOR Peg Perego BY Ritar or DiaMec, for example. When your battery was new it would have had a white sticker on one of the yellow side straps. If it is still attached to your battery pack it would read: 24V DROP SHIP BATTERY IAKB0522. This 522 number is the official part number found on the retail packaging. Other marking could say 12V + 12V / 12Ah (24V 12Ah/C20), RT12120, DCM24-11.

These batteries are a sealed AGM maintenance free battery that will never leak acid. They are safe to use indoors and outdoors. The yellow tamper proof case helps prevent curious children from playing mechanic directly on the battery terminals.

Compatible Toys Using a Peg Perego 24 Volt Battery System
Gaucho Super Power (IGOD0500US)
Polaris Sportsman 800 Twin (IGOD0510)
Polaris Sportsman 850 Twin (IGOD0515)
Gaucho Superpower (IGOD0501US)
Polaris Sportsman 850 Twin -Silver (IGOD0518)

NOTE: The John Deere Gator HPX or XUV 6x4 and the 24V Polaris Ranger RZR utilize a smaller battery pack known by part number IAKB0529. This product listing is NOT compatible with those models; this battery pack will be too big and will not fit. For these two toys, the option we have is for you to open the yellow case and replace the two 12V 8Ah batteries with two of our 12V 9Ah batteries. The listing the link goes to may look confusing as it will show a picture of a battery originally designed for a 12V toy, but instead of battery fitting inside a 12V blue case you will be using a two batteries that fit inside your yellow case.

Product Specs
Availability Note: In Stock
Model: IAKB0522
Brand: Peg Perego
Capacity 20Hr (Ah): 12
Voltage (V): 24
Terminal: No
Dimensions (LxWxH - inches): 8 x 6.1 x 5.2
Dimensions (LxWxH - metric): 203 x 155 x 132
Weight (lb): 20
Chemistry: AGM - Factory Sealed
Warranty: 6 Mo. Replacement
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