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12106A8V Charger
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8 Volt 1.33 Amp BatteryMINDer Model 12106A8V Charger Desulfator

Quick Overview

The 12106A8V is a desulfating 8V charger maintainer made by BatteryMINDer.

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    5 Year

Original Price : $69.95


BatteryMINDer® 12106A8V is a 2 stage charger/maintainer/desulfator that extends performance and life of 8 Volt sealed lead acid batteries including flooded (filler cap, maintenance-free, valve regulated lead-acid [VRLA], lead-acid [SLA]), starter, deep cycle and hybrid. It automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulfation using safe, low voltage, patented high-frequency pulse technology. Can be left connected for extended, non-use periods without overcharging. Not for gel or aviation batteries.


  • Batteryminder 12106A8V charges and maintains your battery without overcharging it, guaranteed, when charged within the temperature limits referred to in Battery Performance-Life ALERT!
  • Features two stage charging program: Charge and Float-Maintenance with desulfation in both stages (full-time.)
  • Utilizes full-time battery monitoring to automatically test the battery several times a second, supplying only the current needed to maintain battery at full charge.
  • Desulfation battery charger utilizes safe variable high frequency pulse desulfation to dissolve both old and newly formed sulfate from battery's plates that prevent the batteries from holding a full charge. To read more about the effects of sulfation on batteries, see the Proprietary Desulfation section on our Education Menu.
  • Desulfation battery charger maximizes battery life and capacity; reconditions weak batteries.
  • Provides short circuit, spark and polarity protection.
  • Reduces the need to add water to maintenance-type batteries during long, non-use storage.
  • Batteryminder 12106A8V costs less than 10¢ per month for full time maintenance.
  • Shows if connections are correct via charge indicator and "blinks" when battery reaches full charge.
  • Allows battery to be stored safely at 0° to 120º F providing they were previously maintained using a BatteryMINDer®.
  • Charges/maintains up to 4 batteries at a time (12 Volt batteries in parallel.) Requires use of Y-Connector 210AY (sold separately) or customer supplied 18 gauge wire.
  • Includes 11’ DC cord with quick connector.
  • Backed by a 5 year warranty

Included Accessories:

  • 2’ Battery Clip Cord Set with Quick Connector
  • 2’ Fused Ring Terminal Cord Set with Quick Connector

Optional Accessories:

  • 210AY : SmarTECHnology®-Y Multiple Battery Connector
  • DCE12: DC Extension Cables - 12ft.
  • DCE25: DC Extension Cables - 25ft.


Product Specs
Availability Note: Discontinued
Brand: BatteryMINDer
Model: BatteryMINDer 12106A8V
Chemistry: No
Input Frequency (Hz): No
Voltage (VDC): 8
Input Voltage (VAC): 120
Output Voltage - Charging (V): 14.4
Max AC Current (A): N/A
Output Voltage - Float (V): 13.4
Output Banks: 1
Max DC Current (A): 1.33
Ripple (%): No
Operating Temp. Range (oC): No
Warranty: 5 Year
Dimensions (LxWxH - metric): No
Weight (lb): 3
Dimensions (LxWxH - inches): No

FAQs About This Product

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  • Does this charger turn off when battery is fully charged. Does it have a frequency based desulficator or how does it desulficate.

    Yes, this charger is a fully automatic charger that will never overcharge your batteries. It has multiple phases and will drop into whats called a float mode to monitor and maintain your batteries at full charge.

    This 8V charger is also a frequency based desulfator that can be used to prevent sulfation build-up and to remove existing crystals.

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