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Carbon Pile & Conductance Load Testers

We supply both carbon pile load testers and battery conductance testers. Whether you require a battery tester with precise data and printable slips for your fleet or simple, easy and quick Go-No-Go slip in your pocket testers you will find what your looking for here! PulseTech is a leader in producing top of the line battery chargers and battery testers. We stock and carry their full line of products.
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    1. $129.95

      Best analog adjustable load carbon pile load tester available for 12V and 6V batteries.
    2. $45.95

      Handy digital carbon pile load tester designed to work with power sport motorcycle size batteries.
    3. $255.00

      Test both 6V and 12V lead-acid flooded, AGM (flat and spiral plate) and gel cell batteries in or out of the vehicle and test 12-Volt and 24-Volt charging systems for proper operation.
    4. $450.00

      The perfect 6V & 12V battery and 24 volt system tester. This PulseTech unit comes with a built in printer, hard carrying case, multiple rating systems installed, 40-2000 CCA range, 1.5V to 30V range in 10 languages.
    5. $15.95

      Receive this multi-meter FREE when you purchase the BatteryMINDer 128CEC1 charger!

    6. $11.95

      Test your small engine 12V batteries and alternators quickly and easily with this pocket size voltage tester. See How to get this tester for FREE!

    7. $12.95

      Pocket-sized XC-822-TEST Quick Battery and Alternator Voltage Tester instantly shows an indication of your 12-Volt lead-acid battery's state of charge.
    8. $15.95

      Just press the button for instant simple-to-read status check on your battery.
    9. $169.95

      Out of stock

      12V 2AH-20Ah Battery Tester --DISCONTINUED-- Please see 390PT Tester by PulseTech

    10. $39.95

      Out of stock

      The MBT-1 12-volt mini battery load tester is weather resistant and small enough to slip in your pocket or carry on your key ring!
    10 Item(s)