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AG13 / LR44 Button Cell Battery
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AG13 LR44 357 1.5V Button Cell Battery

Quick Overview

Most widely used button cell battery. The button battery AG13 / LR44 fits a host of applications.
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    In Stock

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  • Capacity (Ah)

    138 mAh

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The button cell LR44 AG13 battery is one the most common button coin cell batteries used in consumer electronics today. The AG13 button cell battery can be found in watches, calculators, laser pointers, digital thermometers, LED flashlights, toys, calipers, clocks, vibrators, multi-meters and other such applications. AG13 batteries are 1.5V 138 mAh button shaped alkaline batteries measuring 11.6 mm round and 5.4 mm thick.

Equivalent Part Numbers Matched by Brand:

  • Citizen: 280-08, 280-904
  • Duracell: LR44, PX76A, D303, D357
  • Energizer: A76, 303, 357
  • Maxell: LR44, SR44SW, SR44W
  • Panasonic: SP303, NP313, SP347
  • Philips: A76
  • Renata: LR44, 9, 7, 13
  • Rayovac: RW82
  • Seiko: SB-F9
  • Timex: KA
  • Toshiba: MR44
  • Ultralast: UL357

Master List of Common Names:

AG13, LR44, LR154, L1154, SG13, S76, EPX76, S200, A, GS14, J, 57, HS-C, A200, GP76A, KA76, KA, LR44G, LR44GD, LR44H LR1154, L1154, L1154C, L1154F, L1154G, L1154H, 6135-99-792-8475 (NSN), 1166A, A613, AG14, AG-14, G13A, G13-A, 157, 303, 357, A76, AG76, GDA76, GP76A, GPA7, GPA75, GPA76, GPS76A, 1128MP, 208-904, A-76, CA18, CA19, CR44, D76A, KA, KA76, MS76H, PX76A, PX675A, RPX675, RW82, SB-F9, V13GA, V303, V313, V357

Product Specs
Availability Note: In Stock
Model: LR44 / AG13
Brand: No
Capacity 20Hr (Ah): 138 mAh
Voltage (V): 1.5
Dimensions (LxWxH - metric): 11.6 mm x 5.4 mm
Weight (lb): 0.05
Chemistry: Alkaline

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