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6 Volt

This page displays sealed lead acid (SLA) 6 volt deep cycle marine batteries used with boats. We offer two brands: Universal Power Group and Lifeline. We do have other brands, but we feel these two provide the best coverage based on price, quality and function.

7 Item(s)
  1. $338.00
    As low as: $278.95

    The UBGC2 is a 6 volt 200Ah battery by UPG
  2. $498.95
    As low as: $438.95

    This UB63800, L16 sized 6V 380Ah battery is used in Deep Cycle Solar, Standby, and Backup Power applications by Universal Power Group
  3. $19.95

    The GCP1 is a Plug-N-Play AC Port Plug that integrates with any on-board battery charger without the need to modify existing wiring.
  4. $360.95
    As low as: $288.95

    The UBGC8 is a 8 volt 200Ah battery by UPG
  5. $399.95
    As low as: $338.95

    6V 220Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine GPL-4CT
  6. $489.95
    As low as: $398.95

    6V 300Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  7. $768.95
    As low as: $658.95

    6V 400Ah Deep Cycle Marine/RV Battery by LifeLine
7 Item(s)