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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Battery


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The HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLES with Bar & Shield logo is a trademark of the iconic 100 year old motorcycle brand of Harley-Davidson ® and is not affiliated with Impact Battery. We do not not currently sell authentic genuine Harley ® parts. However, if you're seeking a long lasting Harley-Davidson battery replacement with more power and up to 2 year warranty, then you've come to the right place! We are proud to offer the high performance AGM V-Twin special flush mount Adventure Power batteries, the American made super powerful lithium, and No-Weight AGM Braille batteries as an excellent Harley-Davidson battery replacement.

If you would like to search by the Harley Davidson battery part number click here.You can also use our HARLEY DAVIDSON Battery Cross Reference.

The Custom Vtwin Facts & Tips!

The custom Vtwin motorcycle requires 2 ½ times more starting power than the stock Harley-Davidson ® engines. These bikes have the same stock 32 amp charging system and often come with the same size battery. Many owners of the Vtwin bikes have noticed soon after purchase that the bike has no or reduced starting power and believe the Harley battery has prematurely failed. To their dismay, when the battery is sent in for testing it is determined that the battery has no factory defects and was simply at a low charge level!

Universal Power Group (UPG) has solved this frustrating issue! They created the UBVT Battery especially for Vtwin motorcycles and other engines that require more starting power. UPG’s Adventure Power high performance AGM batteries were one of the first brands to rollout this technology. Not only did they increase the available starting power, UPG engineered the battery design to have flush mounting terminals—that’s right no more annoying spacers! Whenever feasible, Impact Battery has listed the Vtwin battery as an upgrade, in front of the OEM sealed and conventional battery options for each motorcycle model.

To help keep your new Vtwin or Sealed battery fresh and in pristine working condition we recommend you use a three stage automatic smart battery charger. The Energizer 4A Charger/Maintainer comes with alligator and ring quick disconnect leads for easy plug-n-play operation.

Braille Lithium Harley-Davidson Battery Replacement

Not only are these Harley-Davidson battery replacements a fraction of the weight when compared to a standard lead acid battery, they offer tremendous amounts of starting power. If everything else has failed and money is no issue, then you have to have a Braille Micro Lite lithium power sport battery!