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The Yamaha Motorcycle Legacy

When you are a company with the size and scope of Yamaha, you are going to end up with a variety of motorcycle batteries that need replacing. In 1955, Yamaha produced their first motorized bike, the YA-1 125cc 2-stroke single cylinder Motorcycle in Japan. In 1958 the 250cc YD1 and 50cc MF-1 step-through street bike were introduced to America by Cooper Motors, an independent distributor. Yamaha International Corporation began selling motorcycles in the USA in 1960 launching the beginnings of their current power sport empire, further strengthened by the creation of Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA in 1977. In 1981 the Virago 750 was introduced as the first air-cooled V-twin cruiser. The YZF-R1, introduced in 1998, became the standard for open class sport bikes for several years.

It is this rich tradition that we seek to continue by offering the best aftermarket batteries and chargers for your Yamaha motorcycle. Our selection of Yamaha motorcycle battery replacements includes name brands you can trust; each offering unique value and performance propositions. We guarantee that we have a replacement motorcycle battery that will meet or exceed the original equipment specs of the Yamaha battery that arrived in your bike! We guarantee that we have found the longest warranties provided in the power sport industry. We promise to keep in stock both foreign and American made Yamaha motorcycle battery replacements to meet the desires of all our customers. We have done our homework and put together a collection of compatible Yamaha motorcycle batteries that provide some of the best overall values money can buy. Dive in, see what we have to offer, you won't be sorry.

Battery Dead? Don't Be Left Stranded!

It happens, you are out riding and stop for gas or take a break for lunch and when you go to hop back on your Yamaha bike you hear click, click, click!

Yep, a dead battery!

There is no need for an expensive tow bill when you could simply keep a small pocket-sized lithium jump starter on board. They are a whole lot cheaper than a tow bill and whole lot more functional. Check out the Noco Boost GB20 or Weego JS6 for further details.

Need Help Selecting your YAMAHA Motorcycle Battery Replacement?

At Impact Battery it is our desire to make sure our customers can find the correct replacement battery for their application. It is also our goal to locate top quality products that perform as good or better than the original equipment. If you need assistance choosing or locating the correct replacement battery for your YAMAHA Motorcycle then feel free to call 866-668-3163 for assistance.

Yuasa Part Number. Sometimes it is easier to find a replacement battery by matching your OEM part number. The majority of original equipment batteries are furnished by Yuasa, so the odds are you will be matching a part number that starts with YB, YTX, or YT. No worries, click the above link to get you to the right place.