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6 Volt Deep Cycle RV Batteries (AGM)

It's pretty well a given. If you have 6V AGM RV batteries you will be running them in series. Perhaps you may be using four of these 6v AGM deep cycle batteries and will be connecting them in a series parallel combination. Just in case you need a refresher on how to make these connections feel free to look towards the bottom of this category page for some drawings.

Our 6-Volt RV batteries are all going to be sealed lead acid AGM batteries. We have the wet conventional batteries but really do not prefer using them in your RV or fifth wheel setup. Many of the battery compartments are hard to reach and extremely tight. This makes it very frustrating and difficult to keep conventional batteries watered. Plus the tight space means corrosion sets in more readily. Our USA made LifeLine 6v AGM deep cycle batteries will never leak, last longer and will provide a higher energy density compared to the old style batteries.

Charging Your RV Batteries

One of our favorite RV chargers is made by a company called Iota Engineering. You will find their power supply / chargers in RV's and fifth wheels all across the country. Their design is mimicked by several other charger manufacturers, but i guess that is what happens when you are the company that drives innovation.

The DLS series chargers, as they are known by, range in DC output from 15A DC to 90A DC. These slim, yet powerful units are perfect for the power demands of people touring the world. The next time you are in teh market for an RV charger make sure you take a second look at IOTA.

Since your 6 volt RV deep cycle batteries will be connected together in series you will be using one of the 12-volt chargers. This can be confusing since your buying 6V batteries today.

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  1. $194.95

    The OPTIMA 6V Red Top battery has the strongest five second starting burst and is made by Johnson Controls.
    • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 800
    • Dimensions (in): 10.06 x 3.63 x 8.13
    • Capacity Amp Hours: 50
    • Warranty: 3 Year
  2. $338.00
    As low as: $278.95

    The UBGC2 is a 6 volt 200Ah battery by UPG
  3. $399.95
    As low as: $338.95

    6V 220Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine GPL-4CT
  4. $489.95
    As low as: $398.95

    6V 300Ah Deep Cycle Battery by LifeLine
  5. $498.95
    As low as: $438.95

    This UB63800, L16 sized 6V 380Ah battery is used in Deep Cycle Solar, Standby, and Backup Power applications by Universal Power Group
  6. $768.95
    As low as: $658.95

    6V 400Ah Deep Cycle Marine/RV Battery by LifeLine
6 Item(s)

Series Parallel Charging for 6V Deep Cycle Batteries

When it comes time to buy new RV batteries, the best advise I can give before you start pulling things apart is to take a picture of your setup with your smart phone. It may also be helpful to try and label or tag your cabling so that you reconnect the correct wires in their original location. If you are not familiar with series configurations or series / parallel combinations then this will be of great value to you. The pretty pictures and diagrams never seem to quite look the same and as organized in real life.

How to connect your 6V RV batteries in series How to connect your 6V RV batteries in series / parallel