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Etac Balder Power Wheelchair Battery Replacements


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Etac Balder power wheelchairs are the most advanced multifunctional power wheelchairs. Known for revolutionizing the powered wheelchair industry by offering some of the first seat-lift equipped power chairs. The Balder series wheelchair line includes the Liberty, Finesse and Junior. Each of these Power chairs utilize two 12 volt 55Ah sealed lead acid batteries in series for 24 volts. If you require a new charger you can use our 24V 5A charger or upgrade to our small portable 24V 7A charger for just a few dollars more.

4 Item(s)
  1. $112.95


    Perfect high quality mobility scooter 24V 7Ah battery charger with XLR Round 3-Pin Connector by Japlar Schauer.
  2. $139.99

    12V 55Ah deep cycle battery (Group 22NF) Z1 Terminal
  3. $107.95


    24V 5 Amp Battery Charger with XLR (Round 3 Pin) Connector by Japlar Schauer
  4. $148.95

    24V 8Ah AGM Battery Charger by Universal Power Group
4 Item(s)