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Fortress Scientific

Fortress Scientific

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  1. $105.95


    Purchase two UB12350 Universal batteries to create one 24v battery system. This battery is a 12V 35Ah sealed lead acid battery with internal thread terminals by Universal Power Group.
  2. $74.95

    Universal Power Group 24V 5Ah Gel Battery Charger fits Pride Mobility and Hoveround scooters.
  3. $112.95


    Perfect high quality mobility scooter 24V 7Ah battery charger with XLR Round 3-Pin Connector by Japlar Schauer.
  4. $119.95

    12V 32Ah Gel type deep cycle battery by UPG. If you think you may need the less costly 12V 35Ah AGM version please click here.

  5. $105.95


    • This is a 12V 35Ah battery
    • Sealed AGM leak proof battery
    • #1 selling Mobility Scooter Battery
  6. $107.95


    24V 5 Amp Battery Charger with XLR (Round 3 Pin) Connector by Japlar Schauer
  7. $159.95

    12V 33Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with Nut & Bolt Terminals by Panasonic
  8. $187.95


    • This is a 12V 35Ah battery
    • Sealed Lead Acid
    • Best Value Mobility Scooter Battery
    • 2 Yr Warranty
    • Resists Vibration
    • Resists Freezing
8 Item(s)