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Pride Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Batteries

Pride Mobility

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Use our FAST Search! feature to quickly and accurately find your next Pride Scooter Battery. Most all of the Pride scooters are 24V and require two (2) of the respective 12V batteries tied together in series to make 24 volts. Most of the scooters use the sealed AGM battery, while only a handful use the sealed GEL battery. Please call if you are unsure which you should get as it will make a difference on the longevity of your battery. We also have a wide selection of 24V battery chargers that can be used with any Pride Mobility scooter. Our favorite unit based on price, size, durability and reliability are the Schauer battery chargers.

Most Popular Battery Set: Two (2) UB12350 12V 35Ah Batteries

Most Popular Battery Charger: JAC0524 Schauer 24V 5Ah Battery Charger

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  1. $105.95


    • This is a 12V 35Ah battery
    • Sealed AGM leak proof battery
    • #1 selling Mobility Scooter Battery
  2. $159.95

    12V 33Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery with Nut & Bolt Terminals by Panasonic
  3. $187.95


    • This is a 12V 35Ah battery
    • Sealed Lead Acid
    • Best Value Mobility Scooter Battery
    • 2 Yr Warranty
    • Resists Vibration
    • Resists Freezing
  4. $107.95


    24V 5 Amp Battery Charger with XLR (Round 3 Pin) Connector by Japlar Schauer
  5. $105.95


    Purchase two UB12350 Universal batteries to create one 24v battery system. This battery is a 12V 35Ah sealed lead acid battery with internal thread terminals by Universal Power Group.
  6. $112.95


    Perfect high quality mobility scooter 24V 7Ah battery charger with XLR Round 3-Pin Connector by Japlar Schauer.
  7. $119.95

    12V 32Ah Gel type deep cycle battery by UPG. If you think you may need the less costly 12V 35Ah AGM version please click here.

  8. $74.95

    Universal Power Group 24V 5Ah Gel Battery Charger fits Pride Mobility and Hoveround scooters.
8 Item(s)