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Wheelcare Mobility Scooter Replacement Battery


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Find a replacement scooter battery for your Wheelcare scooter. From ultra storable to maximum maneuverability and durability, the Wheelcare line of Battery Powered Mobility Vehicles offer features such as electromagnetic brake systems and cane holders. has all the batteries you need to get your Wheelcare mobility scooter running at peak performance again. Scooter models include the Breeze IV, Caddy, Porter, Sportster and Superlight.

Example of Superlight Battery and CoverHere is an example of what the original Superlight scooter battery looks like. It has a top and bottom cover that will be re-used. You will need to loosen the brackets and disconnect the wiring found under the the top molded plastic piece. Once that is completed simply insert the new replacement battery and re-connect the wiring and tighten the side brace.