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Smart Battery Chargers for Conventional, AGM & Gel Lead Acid Batteries

They are all "Smart Chargers" microprocessor controlled. You will find a large selection of 12 volt battery chargers and SLA 24 volt battery chargers. We have 36V and 48V Golf Cart Battery Chargers, to RV battery chargers and waterproof Marine Chargers. A few of the top battery charger brands available at Impact Battery are Dual Pro, Samlex, NOCO, Quick Charge, Battery Tender,Pulse Tech, and Schauer.

JumpCharge--Reviving Dead Batteries

JumpCharge is an innovative new feature on Noco Genius UltraSafe smart chargers for jump starting low-voltage or dead vehicle batteries.

The JumpCharge process is much different than a traditional battery charger with an “engine start” feature. JumpCharge uses precision charge control to avoid overloading the battery which could shorten the life of the battery. Learn more about the Genius line of multi-purpose chargers over on our Noco Power Products category page.

What Makes A Smart Battery Charger?

In short: microprocessor controlled. When smart chargers first came out they typically had a three stage charge profile. With the last stage or float mode, arguably being the most important since it allowed a user to leave the battery connected to the charger indefinitely. Today’s smart chargers often have 5-9 phases and use patented algorithms (special secret charger profiles controlled by a microchip) to help extend your batteries life. The multi-purpose Genius charger, for example, can be used on 6V and 12 volt batteries and is smart enough to recognize the type of lead acid battery connected to it. You no longer need to fear overcharging (or undercharging) an AGM, gel, calcium or standard wet battery.

Trickle Charger Vs. Smart SLA Charger

Did you know that trickle chargers can actually damage your batteries? This type of SLA charger was popular many years ago before smart float chargers became available. It was considered the best and safest method to keep a battery fully charged, but the obvious draw back was that it maintained constant voltage (V) and simply produced a “smaller” current flow (Ah). Today’s smart chargers solve this issue by ‘reading’ the battery and reducing voltage and current according to predetermined charge profiles and/or as determined by the fluctuations within the battery. So although the term ‘trickle charger' is still widely used, it is used somewhat out of context to mean a small maintainer or float charger.

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  1. $59.95

    Deltran 1.25 Amp Microprocessor Controlled 4 Stage Battery Charger/Maintainer
  2. $108.95

    MotoBatt Two Bank Battery Charger 2 year warranty. Includes alligator clamp style and remote connector style leads.
  3. $460.00

    Out of stock

    12 volt 80 amp Samlex 2 bank, 3 stage battery charger
  4. $142.95

    Out of stock

    12 volt 15 amp Samlex 3 bank, 3 stage battery charger
  5. $258.95

    3 Micro-Controlled-Units Providing 10 Amps Each!
  6. $61.95

    Switch between small battery mode for motorcycles & large battery mode for cars and RV's.
  7. $32.95

    12 Volt Motorcycle, ATV, Small Engine Style Charger w/ Battery Tender Jr Plug-N-Play Connectors
  8. $179.95

    Like having four (4) independent 1.1A chargers, but built into one housing. The Noco Genius G4 is a 6 volt & 12 volt ultra smart charger that will never overcharge your batteries.
  9. $149.99


    The Weego JS12 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Heavy Duty Power that's Far from Heavy!

  10. $214.99


    The Weego JS18 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Pro Grade Power that Packs a Powerful Punch! The Ultimate Power Bank.
  11. $169.99


    IP65 Rated Weego 44 Lithium Jump Starter w/ Smarty Clamps
11 Item(s)