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Automotive Boost Charger & Jumper Cable Kits

Lead acid jump starters, boost chargers and lithium jumper cable kitsWhether working in your shop or traveling on the open road Boost Chargers and Jumper Cable Kits are essential tools to keep your automotive vehicles running! The smart chargers are best used to prevent batteries from becoming discharged, but in the event you come across a dead battery you can click a button and provide an extra boost charge to help revive the struggling battery. But if you are away from home with no AC outlet in site you will need the convenience of a lead acid or lithium Jumper Cable Cable Kit. The lithium jumper kits are compact lightweight gems that fit in your pocket or glove box. Depending on size you can even jump start a good size diesel truck! The all-in-one lead acid auto battery jumper kits are still portable but are heavier and bulky. They can do most everything their smaller lithium cousins can do with the added bonus of inflating tires via the built in air compressor.

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  1. $99.99


    The GB20 jump starter, AKA the Boost Sport, is Noco's smallest battery booster yet still delivers 4,650 Joules of starting power!
  2. $124.95


    The GB40 jump starter, AKA the Boost Plus, is Noco's most popular mid-size battery booster and delivers 7,000 Joules of starting power!
  3. $229.95


    The Noco GB70 jump starter, AKA the Boost HD, is one of the most powerful and safe battery boosters on the market as it delivers 15,700 Joules of starting power!
  4. $159.95

    The Noco G15000 is an UltraSafe 15A lithium & lead acid charger with a Jump Charge battery booster that is water, shock, dirt and dust-proof.
  5. $348.99


    The Noco GB150 jump starter, AKA the Boost Pro, is one of the most powerful and safe lithium battery boosters on the market as it delivers 22,500 Joules of starting power!
  6. $169.99


    IP65 Rated Weego 44 Lithium Jump Starter w/ Smarty Clamps
  7. $109.99


    The Weego JS6 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Safest Mini Jump Starter Around!
  8. $99.95

    A 7.2Ah 12 Volt & 3.5Ah 24V water resistant charger.
  9. $149.99


    The Weego JS12 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Heavy Duty Power that's Far from Heavy!

  10. $109.99


    Out of stock

    Portable Emergency Lithium Power Jumper and Charging Station for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop Computers, USB Powered Electronics and Vehicles with gas engines 4.6L or Smaller. It is a reliable Portable Power Bank.
  11. $169.95

    A Vehicle Jump starter that includes 400 CA Jumpstarter, 250 psi Air Compressor, 200 Watt Inverter and more...
  12. $214.99


    The Weego JS18 Starts Your Engine, Charges Your Phone & Fits in Your Pocket. Pro Grade Power that Packs a Powerful Punch! The Ultimate Power Bank.
  13. $284.95


    A 26000mAh 12 Volt & 13000mAh 24V water resistant multipurpose charger.
  14. $41.95

    Be prepared when an emergency strikes!
  15. Out of stock

    Holiday Special! Add to cart to SAVE 50% and get FREE shipping while supplies last. Heavy duty Jumpstarter with 400 Cranking Amps and detachable/portable 200 Watt inverter. Be prepared for an emergency or simply have the tools necessary to charge and operate your electronic devices on a long trip!

15 Item(s)