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Genie Articulated Z-Boom Lift Chargers

48 Volt Systems -- Genie Model Numbers Z-34/22DC, Z-40/22DC, Z-45/25DC, Z45/34DC with OEM charger Part Numbers 54794 / 54795 / 54796 / 54797 can be replaced with a Pro Charging Systems Dual Pro Eagles Series i4815OBRMLIFTSPC ultra smart charger.
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  1. $519.37

    Used with Genie Model Numbers Z-34/22DC, Z-40/22DC, Z-45/25DC, Z-45/34DC and replaces OE charger numbers 54794 / 54795 / 54796 / 54797. MADE IN USA.
  2. $69.95

    Patented ReNew-IT technology prevents sulfation and restores sulfated 48 Volt battery systems!
  3. $70.83

    The Most Advanced and Reliable Battery Fuel Gauge
  4. $139.95

    Patented WAVE2 Technology from Battery Life Saver keeps your 48 Volt EV batteries from failing prematurely due to suffocating sulfate crystals. Rejuvenate old golf cart batteries and prevent new batteries from becoming sulfated and extend the life of your investment by 2-3 times. NOT A CHARGER

4 Item(s)