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Snorkel Scissor Lift Chargers


M1230E 24v 18A Vertical Mast, S1930E/1932E, 24v 25A Scissor, S2632E/2646E/3246E same, SL20E

Snorkel A38E Electric Articulated Boom Lift, A46JE, MB20J/MB26J Vertical mast/boom 24V

Snorkel PAM26 Personnel Lift 12V Vertical mast Snorkel SPM20 Personnel Lift 24V 12A Snorkel UL Series Personnel Lift UL25, UL32, UL40 12V 105Ah battery

Replacement Snorkel Quick Charge OB2425 Charger
  • Chemistry:Lead Acid
  • Dimensions(in):9.0 x 6.5 x 6.0
  • Warranty:3 Year