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WESTERN Golf Cart Chargers

WESTERN Golf Cart Chargers

There are not many Western golf carts around any more, but we have done our best to provide a quality replacement charger that will keep your Western car running for years to come. The charger plug looks very similar to the EZGO Power-wise connector, but unfortunately they are not compatible and are no longer made in the aftermarket. You will need to re-use the existing plug and connect an Anderson SB50 connector to the bare wire end. This is a rather simple process and will allow you to quickly attach to the new 42V chargers SB50 connector and consequently provide a longer charging line. Feel free to contact our technicians if you require further explanation of how to continue to use your Western golf cart with a new charger.
3 Item(s)
  1. $341.95

    42 Volt 17 Amp Golf Cart Charger w/ Powerwise EZ-GO Connector for carts that were upgraded with a 7th battery. Made by Schauer.
  2. $321.95

    Built for EZ-GO & Western Carts that include space for the 7th battery. Made by Schauer.
  3. $345.95

    Western Golf Car 42 Volt 17 Amp replacement charger with TXT Connector.
3 Item(s)