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2 Bank Battery Chargers

You will find a huge selection of 2 bank battery chargers for industrial, commercial and recreational uses. All of these multi-bank chargers will have a single AC plug and 2 separate DC lines to accommodate two individual 12-volt batteries or a 24V system. Some will be fully waterproof / submersible with an IP68 rating while others may only be water resistant or have no water/dust egress rating whatsoever. Most will be of the on-board mountable type.

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    1. $105.00

      Charge 2 Batteries at 1.25 Amps Each. Operates Anywhere in the World.
    2. $108.95

      MotoBatt Two Bank Battery Charger 2 year warranty. Includes alligator clamp style and remote connector style leads.
    3. $156.95

      2 Independent leads that charge, maintain and remove lead sulfate crystals from the battery.
    4. $266.00

      The Sportsman has Two 12V 10 Amp Battery Leads.
    5. $194.95

      Two 12V 6 Amp Battery Leads by Dual Pro.
    6. $322.00

      The Professional has Two 12V 15 Amp Battery Leads.
    7. $198.00

      Availability Note: 10-14 Day Build Time

      Two 12 Volt 10 Amp Independent Isolated Circuits
    8. $174.95

      Automatically Diagnoses, Recovers, Charges & Maintains Your Batteries!
    9. $275.92

      Out of stock

      *This item has a 3 to 4 day lead time, as it is built to order.*Two Bank Engine Output. Increase Your Time On The Water!
    10. $139.00

      Out of stock

      Charge 2 Batteries at 800mAh Each. Operates Anywhere in the World.
    11. $99.95

      Dual bank 4 Amp, 90% Efficient FosFX Processor Controlled Marine Charger.
    12. $298.95
      As low as: $249.00

      The Sportsman has Two 12V 10 Amp Battery Leads. Waterproof 10 amp charger made for 220V input w/ European AC plug
    12 Item(s)