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4 Bank Battery Chargers

You will find a huge selection of 4 bank battery chargers for industrial, commercial and recreational uses. All of these multi-bank chargers will have a single AC plug and 4 separate DC lines to accommodate four individual 12-volt batteries or a single 48V system or a combination of batteries within a 24V and 36V system. Some will be fully waterproof / submersible with an IP68 rating while others may only be water resistant or have no water/dust egress rating whatsoever. Most will be of the on-board mountable type.

  • 8 Item(s)
    1. $198.00

      Charge 4 Batteries at 1.25 Amps Each. Operates Anywhere in the World.
    2. $320.95

      Availability Note:

      40 Total Amps, 10 Amps Per 12 Volt Bank. See the full line of Noco Genius Chargers here!

    3. $394.00

      Availability Note: 10-14 Day Build Time

      Four 12 Volt 10 Amp Circuits
    4. $555.00

      The Professional has Four 12V 15 Amp Battery Leads.
    5. $422.99

      The Dual Pro SS4 Sportsman has Four 12V 10 Amp Battery Leads.
    6. $99.95

      Use your existing SAE style charger to charge up to 4 batteries.
    7. $179.95

      Like having four (4) independent 1.1A chargers, but built into one housing. The Noco Genius G4 is a 6 volt & 12 volt ultra smart charger that will never overcharge your batteries.
    8. $599.99
      As low as: $539.00

      The European Professional has Four 12V 15 Amp Battery Leads and comes with the Euro Plug.
    8 Item(s)