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Welcome to Impact Battery!

Welcome to the ImpactBattery Blog


Welcome to the brand new Impact Battery Blog! Each week you will find a new blog post discussing information about the products we sale on Impact Battery. and also helpful tips to help you get the most out of your batteries. You might even hear about a few sales and discounts. So, whether you are looking for a motorcycle, golf cart, solar powered, scooter, or ATV battery we are starting this blog to help you better understand the great world of batteries.

ZZ786F728D.jpgHowever, we aren't just focused on selling batteries, as our mission states, we give back a portion of every sale to local community organizations and schools. We believe everyone plays a role in strengthening our neighborhoods which is why you, the customer, get to choose who we support. This is our way of helping to build community and make a larger impact.

Apart from the traditional batteries, we also carry a wide variety of solar panels and accessories. If you need anything solar, we have it. We carry supplies from leading industry providers. If you are new to the solar energy industry take a look at our solar tutorial which briefly explains the principals behind solar energy in simple terms.

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Impact Battery is a division of the Benevolence Group; an organization dedicated to kindness, compassion and goodwill. Everyone can lend a helping hand. Everyone has a role to play. Now is the time to take action.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to reading your comments.

  • Joe

    Since I can't use PayPal I will look elsewhere for my charger