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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Plug-In Car Costs May Exceed Rewards

    While momentum continues on the prospect of battery-powered automobiles in the future, a new study indicates that they aren’t currently a cost-effective way to reduce emissions and cut oil use. Rather, utilizing hybrids and plug-in cars that can go short distances on electricity still receive a battery return—at least for now.

    Battery technology breakthroughs, a more efficient electric power grid and higher oil costs would actually be needed to justify the expense, weight and assembly-related costs of “large battery pack” cars, according to the survey, as reported in Bloomberg on Sept. 26.


    ZZ5B88DCD0.jpg“It’s not that large battery packs are bad, it’s that they are not providing as many benefits per dollar,” Jeremy Michalek, an engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh who led the review, said in an interview. “Ordinary hybrids increase fuel economy substantially, and the incremental cost of those systems is getting relatively small.”

    That by no means that research on battery powered cars as an option is at a halt. Rather, it is a reality check that technology will need to be coupled with practicality and cost savings before it can become a realistic option into the future.

    In the meantime, Impact Battery has a large stock of high-quality replacement batteries for your power needs as they exist today. We have batteries for your motorcycle, ATV, scooter, golf cart, snowmobile, boat, and more as well as chargers, solar panels, and accessories.

    Check out our low pricing and speedy shipping so you will always have the power you need.

  • Why Ordering Your Battery Online Makes Sense

    We have been writing weekly blogs about our quality batteries and how Impact Battery is your source for your power needs of all kinds, but this week we wanted to talk about why ordering batteries online makes sense.


    Studies of consumer buyer trends continue to show how more and more people are purchasing online. Reasons are simple: consumers don’t have to drive around and “hunt” for a particular item they seek. Rather, they point and click, are able to read about the item from the comfort of their own home, are able to shop for prices and quality, and then know that the item they want will be delivered to their doorstep.

    ZZ5298E8C5.jpgWe stock a wide variety of battery types that aren’t always readily available on retailers’ shelves, and our customers have told us they appreciate knowing that a particular replacement or backup battery is available and will be ready for shipping right away. Since scooter batteries and batteries for toys, boats, power sports, RVs, wheelchairs, and other equipment are sometimes more specialized, especially when you are looking for a particular brand, it is much more convenient to click and order and know your shopping is done!

    At Impact Battery, we feature outstanding customer service to ensure that the battery you want is indeed the one you order, and welcome your call to offer any assistance about product selection. We know that ordering over the internet can still be unnerving for some consumers, so we utilize McAfee SECURE so you know that our site is protected from identity theft, viruses, spyware, and online threats. Even better, the website is scanned daily to maintain a secure and worry-free shopping experience.

  • Protecting Children from Battery Dangers

    Selling batteries is what we do, but when we saw the article this week from Techlicious about potential techie products that are possible dangers to children, we wanted to pass it on to our families.

    Topping No. 4 on the hazards list is "button cell batteries", touted as potential poison pills. Since 1985, there have been 3,500 injuries and nine deaths. These small button-sized batteries are commonly used in items like remote controls, toys, light-up shoes, digital ear thermometers, and countless other products.


    The danger here According to the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, D.C., is that children, usually toddler-age, swallow these batteries. The batteries can get stuck in children’s throats. This is obviously a choking hazard but more often overlooked is the potential for severe chemical burns. "The effect starts within minutes of ingesting the battery and in as soon as two hours can burn a hole through the esophagus where it's lodged," says Dr. Toby Litovitz, executive and medical director of the poison center.

    ZZ37AA6333.jpgParents should be careful not to leave a "dead" button battery within a child's reach when putting a new battery in a device. "Even a dead battery still has enough of a residual charge to cause the same sort of burn," Litovitz explains. The batteries that posed the greatest risk are labeled CR 2032, CR 2025 and CR 2016, or BR 2032, BR 2025 and BR 2016, she adds.

    Larger batteries also present various dangers as unattended curious children can ingest, spark or break open these batteries.

    We are including this information in our blog this week as a reminder about keeping electronics and especially batteries away from small children. At the same time, batteries are a key part of our lifestyles today, and when used and stored properly, provide us with many conveniences and fun times! At Impact Battery, we are your source for battery power with great prices, friendly customer service, and fast shipping. Every purchase benefits a charity of your choosing.

  • Storing Your Battery in Off Season

    Labor Day is the traditional end to summer. And while there is still ample time to enjoy warm weather sports and activities across much of the country, thoughts are already turning to cooler temperatures and new activities it will bring.

    ZZ718A7714.jpgIf you are a fair weather boater and don’t plan to use your boat once cooler temperatures make their debut, it’s important to make the proper preparations for storing your battery so that it will serve you well when boating season returns.

    While the preparations make take some time and effort, it’s much better than having to buy a new battery when you are ready to bring your boat out again next springtime.

    Here are the basic steps in boat battery storage:

    • Remove the caps off the top of wet cell batteries and check the water level in each cell. Add distilled water so that the level is full in every cell, and then replace the caps.
    • Test your battery to make sure it is fully charged. If not, put it on the charger until it is fully charged.
    • Clean and dry the top of the battery thoroughly and then remove the battery cables from the posts. Use a battery post brush (or similar) to clean the posts. The easiest way is to fit the wire brush end over the post and then twist the handle back and forth to scrub any buildup from the post. It is recommended that you sprinkle baking soda on top of the battery to neutralize any acid that may be present and then wipe off the top. Coat the battery posts with petroleum jelly.
    • Make a note on your calendar when you do this and flag the upcoming months with a reminder to charge your stored battery at least once a month.
    • Make sure your battery is stored in a clean and dry place in a protected environment that does not face extreme temperatures.

    At Impact Battery, we have the battery you want to power whatever you need—and at great prices and quick delivery. Our website provides details so that you can be sure you are choosing the right battery for your equipment needs. Or, give us a call and we will lead you to the right replacement or battery chargers for your equipment.

  • GOAL ZERO Products A Must Have After Hurricane Irene

    In the wake of hurricane Irene and the east coast earthquake we have not been able to keep the Goal Zero portable power packs on our shelves! The lightweight and extremely versatile battery packs, lights and foldable solar panels are the perfect solution for when the power goes out or for when you plan to go out and "rough it" in the wild places this world has to offer. There were definitely 3 Goal0 kits that made an impression:

    The Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit

    This is probably one of the most affordable and lightweight kits. It's extremely compact design weighs no more than 7 total pounds and includes the Sherpa 50 Whr lithium battery and the Nomad 13.5W foldable solar panel. You can charge or run your devices via the USB ports (found on the battery and the panel) and the 12V DC female cigarette lighter socket.

    The Escape 150 Adventure Kit

    This unit contains a sealed lead acid battery providing 150 Whr of power. This 15 lb torpedo looking power unit has a built in USB port, 12V DC socket adapter and 110V 80W AC inverter. The kit also includes the Boulder 15 Watt expandable mono-crystalline solar panel. This is enough power to run a laptop, charge cell phones, ipads and other portable devices as well as any of the various LED lights manufactured by Goal Zero.

    The Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit

    This portable power system consists of a 120 Whr lithium battery pack, the Nomad 27W foldable solar panel, and the Sherpa Universal Input 100W inverter. It has every type of power you need to keep you out of the dark and connected to friends and family.

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