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Keeping Your Kids Safe When Riding in Battery Powered Toy Cars

Battery powered toy cars for kids are more popular than ever. There is a huge array of options on the market, and prices have really dropped in recent years. As a result, toy cars seem to be everywhere. Before buying one for your child, you should learn the basics about using them safely. Although toy cars aren't big, bulky machines like ATVs, they can be safety hazards when not used properly. From charging the toy car battery the proper way to ensuring that your child drives it in a safe location, there are many ways to maintain safety while using a battery powered toy car.

Choose an Age-Appropriate CarThere are many battery toy cars on the market today. Some are geared toward very young kids while others are designed for older children. As with other kinds of toys, you should keep the age guidelines in mind when shopping for a toy car for your child. If you buy a battery powered toy car that is too large or too advanced for your child, he/she won't just have trouble using it; they could get hurt too. In addition to buying an age-appropriate model, make sure that your child can reach the pedals with ease.

Charge the Battery Yourself

A child should never be allowed to charge a toy car battery. This is something that should always be handled by a parent. The most convenient option is to store the toy car in the garage. Designate a specific place for the car, and store it there when it's not in use. Teach your child to park the car in the right place, but handle charging the battery yourself. Make it clear to your child that they should get an adult when their toy car battery needs charging.

Keep Battery Powered Toy Cars Off the Street

Even if you live on a very quiet street, you should never allow your child to operate the battery powered toy car out in the road. There are plenty of models that work well on the grass, and they are a lot more convenient. With that type of toy car, your child will be able to steer it around in the backyard to their heart's content, and you will breathe easy with the knowledge that they are out of harm's way.

Build a Backyard Track

If you are unable to find a suitable battery powered toy car that works on the grass, you might want to build a track in your backyard instead. This is a much better option than allowing your child to drive their car out in the front, where even the sidewalks aren't completely safe. Whenever your child does operate their battery powered toy car make sure that you are out there with them the whole time. Teach your child to watch out for cars and remind them that drivers may not be able to see them. If your child can't seem to use the car safely, take it away until they are old enough to do so.

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