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Advantages of Cars with Push to Start Technology

A wise man once said that humans crave one thing above all others: convenience. Manufacturers that cater to consumers desire for quick and easy solutions don’t have to worry about going broke. We love convenience- and that has driven cars of all makes and models to begin incorporating push to start technology. Now, instead of using your key to start the ignition, you need only press a button. Five years ago, only luxury cars were equipped; today, even economy vehicles are luring in drivers with that glowing button. Why are they so popular? There are a few reasons.
Push to Start technology


One of the biggest selling points behind push to start technology is in its simplicity. As long as a driver has his keys in his pocket, the car’s system will recognize the proximity. This activates the ignition button and allows the driver to press it to start the car. That’s really all there is to it. Consumers who spend months trying to learn all the ins and outs of their smartphone can appreciate this kind of simplicity. Shutting the car off is just as easy, requiring only that the driver bring the vehicle to a stop and press the button again.


It was easy to see how the garage door opener would contribute to a customer’s convenience. The same is true of the TV remote control. But is a push button ignition really saving that much effort? After all, how difficult is it to put a key into a slot and turn it? But while the first manufacturers to incorporate push to start technology may have heard a laugh or two during their initial presentation, a closer examination shows that there are several benefits to using a button instead of a key. It’s one less thing to worry about when carrying a bunch of things in or out of the car, it reduces the chances of locking the keys in the vehicle, and it eliminates the annoying jangling of large keychains. It may not seem like much, but it adds up.


While the average person may find it difficult to believe that simply turning a key could be a problem for others, keyless ignition has been a godsend for those with certain kinds of arthritis. Arthritis and similar degenerative conditions can make twisting wrist motions an exercise in pain and frustration. By reducing the amount of movement needed to start the vehicle, manufacturers have been able to introduce their cars to a specialized demographic.


One of the first things push to start technology manufacturers tend to mention when describing their product is the security surrounding the feature. After all, it takes very little effort to make a copy of a key. By eliminating the key from the equation, thieves are left with fewer options. The technology will not work unless the fob is in proximity, and not just any fob will work. Each key is designed with a unique set of codes that would be nearly impossible to reproduce. This enhances security and provides peace of mind for car owners concerned with theft.