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SC-12 Recovery Charger - Pulse Talk July 2015

PulseTech There is No Comparison

SC-12 Recovery Charger Pulse Talk 2015-07PulseTech’s SC-12 Recovery Charger is an essential component to creating a highly successful Battery Management Program (BMP). Not only does it allow users to reduce hazardous waste generation by desulfating and recovering ‘dead’ batteries, the SC-12 recovery charger will achieve immediate cost savings. Dramatically reduce your new battery budget by extending the life of existing batteries, efficiently restore & recover old batteries and decrease battery related maintenance and installation costs. There is no other charger on the planet that can compare with how the SC-12 desulfates batteries so they can accept, store and release maximum power.

The Battery Management Program

So what exactly is the Battery Management Program (BMP)? The BMP has three aspects: test, recover/charge, and maintain. Testing is not only good for analyzing a suspect battery but also should be used regularly to discover battery and system issues before they become a problem. PulseTech’s line of enthusiast and commercial grade desulfating chargers will recover and charge many batteries once thought to be worthless junk. With semi-regular use they will also “freshen up” batteries that are beginning to show signs of weakness. For batteries that are new or have been recovered and are awaiting their turn to enter service you should use a special high frequency patented pulse maintainer to keep the batteries fresh and prevent sulfation from creeping back into the picture. For remote applications or batteries already pressed into service you can install onboard or solar pulse maintainers. When using BMP you will realize tangible cost savings nearly immediately and will continue to enjoy lasting returns on your investment.

SC-12 Recovery Charger at a Glance

The SC-12 Recovery Charger has been designed with portability in mind. It is built into a black HPX Plastic enclosure measuring roughly 25” x 20” x 9” (LxWxH) and can easily be carried to remote desert locations or to your customers place of business. The variable 100-240 VAC input means it can be used anywhere in the world while the max AC amp draw of 15A (at 100 VAC) means most any household electrical outlet can be used to provide power. Each of the 12 independently controlled charge channels provide 6A max output current with a max output bulk voltage charge of 14.8 volts. The SC-2, SC-6, and SC-12 Recovery Charger can be used on any type of lead acid battery including wet, sealed AGM and Gel.