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How the Weego JS12 Jump Starter Saved the Day!

Weego JS12 Jump starter Battery+ in ActionIronic! I left my pocket-sized lithium Weego jump starter battery+ plugged into my cigarette lighter socket and 13 hours later, as I was leaving work, discovered my car battery was drained. The last few mornings my Subaru started rather slow and I knew my car battery was getting low and needed a good Pulse Charge. As a safety net, I grabbed the Weego. If I was not in such a rush and so utterly distracted, I would have unplugged the device and brought it inside to charge while I was at work. But, I suppose, if life went as planned I would not have a good story to tell you today…

The Background For Why A Jumper Cable Kit Was Used

We bought this 1998 Subaru in 2005 on a bright and sunny spring day from a friend that rebuilt totaled cars. It runs fine but has always had a battery drain. Some of the latches do not always catch leaving a dash light, overhead or trunk light on. We’ve gotten used to pulse charging the battery regularly and keeping a jump starter handy. Now I have to give myself some credit. I did realize the potential for being stranded was near. I could sense the clouds growing on the horizon as the slower starts indicated someone had not noticed that a door or the trunk was not fully closed. Or perhaps my four-year-old son found his way into the vehicle and turned a bunch of nobs. In any case, I have a short drive to work—really not enough time to allow the alternator to put any real charge into a depleted battery. Putting all this together, I grabbed the Weego JS12 only to discover my wife or kids had been using it to charge their phone or game players. The indicator light showed there was about 30% charge left on the JS12. To jump start a car I would like to see it above 50% State of charge (SOC). This would be the rationale for why I had the Weego JS12 sitting on the passenger seat plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. I was trying to use every bit of time available to get the lithium battery above 50% in case I needed to call upon its power to get me home.

Thrasher Film Experience

Of course, with it being December, it was already dark at 7 o’clock and the side of the building I had parked had no exterior light. So to make life a little easier, I left the car door ajar so the interior light would allow me to find the ignition. Partial turn of the key—ding, ding, ding—that was a good sound! But why did I suddenly feel like I was going to be the next victim in a horror film? I can assure you the cold 40 degree light rain; foggy conditions with an ever so noticeable north breeze hastened my macabre feeling. But in the end it was my headlights that acted as the sorrowful reminder of the trouble that lurked around the corner. They were terribly dim! And sure enough that dreaded sound of an engine not turning over reverberated into the darkness. It is now, in my imagined thrasher film that I catch a glimpse of a masked villain in my rearview mirror and let out a girlish scream. The next morning I am found humped over the steering wheel with a sickle in my back and blood splattered across the windshield.

Story Hero: Weego JS12 Jump Starter

Thankfully, I only let out a sigh; I glanced over and saw the Weego JS12. How ironic I thought. The very thing that could save me from this hardship has hastened my descent into terror. But then again, I am lucky it was the Weego left plugged in and not some other device! I picked up the jump starter, which was now fully charged, and held the side button down to turn on the built in LED flashlight. “AHHHH” I held and tapped the button to many times and turned on the SOS strobe light in my face! Lesson learned, release the button and do not touch it again.

I popped the hood and ventured outside fully intent on self-rescue. In no time I had the Weego JS12 attached to my Subaru battery and was back in the car turning the key. What a beautiful comforting sound to hear the engine start without hesitation! From the moment I popped the hood, attached the Weego JS12 jump starter to the car battery, started the engine, disconnected everything, closed the hood and sat back down in the car took about 45 seconds.

My friends tell me I am a dork. I don’t deny it. In fact I tell them I am the leader of the Dorks and will not rest until I have convinced everyone to join the Dork Side [that is my Star Wars: The Force Awakens plug]. My point is you don’t have to be a dork or rocket scientist to figure out how to use the new lithium pocket-size jump starters. Not only are they incredibly handy for everyday use charging phones and such, they are simple and quick to use when you find yourself stranded in a thrasher film. The Weego JS12 or similar lithium jump starter pack should be an essential piece of equipment for every business owner, employee, college student, farmer, outdoor enthusiast, motorcyclist, etc. Plus it may prevent you from ending up with a sickle in your back on a deserted backwoods road or friendly battery store parking lot!

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    Well, I have still forgotten to place a charger on my battery and have not driven enough to allow the alternator to fully re-charge my car battery. Result: I have used the Weego JS12 three more times since auditioning for my imagined thrasher film...Now that I am thinking about it I should probably walk back home and attach the Pulse Charger to my battery!