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His Yuasa YTX14-BS Lasted How Long?

MotoCross Equals YuasaI had the privilege this week of speaking with a gentleman from Minnesota, let’s call him Iron Man because A) Avengers is currently playing in theaters and B) the length of time his battery lasted is worthy of the title. He called in inquiring if we sold the YTX14-BS battery made by Yuasa. To which I replied, “Yes, we have some batteries that are made by Yuasa.” He then went on to explain that he needed two batteries and shared a story I just couldn’t pass up sharing with all of you. To say this man is just a supporter of the Yuasa Battery Inc. brand may be putting it a little too mildly. And rightly so after the track record he has had! The fascinating part is what he does to extend battery life.

Pause For Battery Life Statistics

Before I go any further it would be negligent of me if I did not stop and share some facts about power sport battery failure rates. Otherwise, you would have no frame of reference to base your own conclusion. Once you see the average life span you will also see why I was blown away by how long his YTX14 lasted.

Sadly, the average powersport battery only lasts 2 to 3 seasons! Depending on when the battery was purchased that may actually be only 1-2 years. Those that use a maintenance charger in the offseason or throughout the year can extend the average life to 3-5 seasons. For this latter group, it is not uncommon for us to have guys calling in indicating their bike battery finally kicked the bucket after 7 or 8 years of steadfast service. Obviously, not every brand performs as well as some of the others. Generally speaking, Yuasa, MotoBatt, East Penn (DEKA / Magna Power) and Moto Classic are labels we would expect to provide life spans that are above the average.

Keep these numbers in mind as you continue to read Iron Man’s story of longevity.

Iron Man’s Application

After completing some simple application searches on our site, Iron Man discovered that both of his machines use the same YTX14-BS battery. He has a 1999 Honda GL 1500 Valkyrie bike and a 2003 Honda TRX350 Rancher ATV. He purchased the Rancher in 2014 and the Valkyrie he purchased new out of the crate in 2001.

Does it strike anyone as odd that a 1500cc bike uses the same size battery as a 350cc ATV? It’s true, I verified it. But does this tell you something about the applications and how they use power? It is also worth noting that the off-brand battery in the Rancher was purported new when he got it in 2014. Two years is right in line with the replacement averages…

So How Long Did The YTX14-BS Battery Last?

Many of you recognize that when we talk about Yuasa, we are speaking of the entire Yuasa battery universe. This includes the OEM parts found in Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and the like. As well as their GS battery brand, the MotoCross battery line along with the self-titled Yuasa line. There is no difference between these batteries when they leave the factory. They simple go out different distribution channels and get different stickers and boxes. Even their publications are virtually the same. For example, the Yuasa Battery application and specifications guide is red in color and displays Yuasa stock codes while the Motocross guide is blue in color and displays Motocross stock codes. The page count is identical and the information found on each page is the same in both publications. Where they “mess up” is when you come to the charger section. They all say Yuasa Smart Shot.

Anyways, if you haven’t already made an inference and done the math from the dates we provided in paragraph four, then you are like most everyone else and will want to keep reading. He is replacing his battery in 2016 and has been using the same battery it came with back in 2001. THAT’S 15 YEARS!

What did he do to help his battery last so long? This is the part I am still chuckling about even as I write this. He simply pulled the bike into his garage each winter and left it there! He has done the same thing with all his bikes for the last 40 years and averages 6-8 years of use. He religiously uses Yuasa. He doesn’t use a charger and simply keeps them from freezing. Iron Man has got to be the luckiest bugger in the world, as I have never had any customer tell such a story. Every now and again I hear batteries lasting 6-10 years but they generally, as I recall, had maintenance chargers attached.

Do the mosquito's in Minnesota suck the life out of humans and inject that life into motorcycle batteries?

The Yuasa Motocross brand is good, but this is almost too good to be true! …maybe there is something to all those mosquito's up there after all.