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Understanding the IP Rating Helps Select the Best Marine Battery Charger

Selecting A Marine ChargerHow can you tell what's going to be the best marine battery charger for your situation? Not every charger designated ‘safe’ for the maritime environment will be waterproof. Some are simply designed to withstand the harsh high moisture environment up to certain limits while others will still operate while completely submersed in water. This is where selecting the best charger can weigh heavy on knowing the meaning behind the IP rating.

Understanding the IP Rating

The Ingress Protection Rating or IP rating refers to the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of dust and water. The first number classifies solids like dust and dirt. The second number refers to water intrusion. Generally speaking the highest number for solids is six (6), while the second digit goes as high as eight (8) i.e. IP68.

A marine battery charger will be assigned an Ingress Protection Rating between 61 and 68. In most boating or damp environment scenarios you need consider no less than a weatherproof or water-tight IP64 rating.

IP RatingIP Rating Explained
IP 68 RatingIP68 is the highest rank you will encounter when searching for a waterproof charger. This means the equipment can be immersed to a depth defined by the manufacturer exceeding 1 meter and is probably hermetically sealed.
IP 67 RatingIP67 rating is second highest and can be immersed in water up to a depth of about 1 meter (a little over 3 feet). Waterproof.
IP 66 RatingIP66 is the third highest rating. This unit is NOT cleared for under water use. It can withstand a jet of water from a 12.5mm (1/2 inch) nozzle in any direction.
IP 65 RatingA rating of IP65 is fourth. It can withstand a jet of water from a 6.3mm (1/4 inch) nozzle in any direction. NOT submersible.
IP 64 RatingIP64 is the fifth highest metric and it states that water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect. NOT submersible.
IP 63 RatingIP 63 offers minimal protection from dripping water and light spray up to 60 degrees from vertical. These ARE NOT considered waterproof.
IP 62 RatingIP 62 offers minimal protection from dripping water and light spray up to 60 degrees from vertical. These ARE NOT considered waterproof.
IP 61 RatingIP 61 offers next to no protection from dripping water and light spray up to 60 degrees from vertical. These ARE NOT considered waterproof.


IP61, IP62 and IP63 at best are water resistant within certain parameters. If you selected one of these for the best marine battery charger I'll simply say that may not have been your brightest idea this year.

What Criteria was Used to Select the Best Charger?

Yes, we have our opinion as to who makes the finest marine charger. We compared charge profile, long-term viability of both the charger and batteries, most common application, popularity and IP rating.

The Best Marine Battery ChargerWe wouldn’t really consider the charger we selected to be portable and it is definitely not a solar charger. From firsthand experience and user feedback we feel the best onboard marine charger on the market is the dual bank Sportsman Series SS2 made in Nashville, TN.

Best Marine Battery Charger: Dual Pro SS2 by Pro Charging Systems

The SS2 has been widely adopted as an OEM and replacement charger in the boating community. It utilizes the amazing Delta Volt charge profile developed nearly a decade ago by Pro Charging Systems. This charge profile is in a league of its own and translates to you not having to worry about your batteries condition or needing to buy batteries as often!

With ths SS2 You Haven't Lost Everything!Furthermore, this 2 bank charger is fully waterproof with an IP68 rating. So if your boat goes under you won't have lost everything!

Hopefully you will never be in a sinking boat, but with the IP rating explained you now have the comfort of knowing you made a solid choice in purchasing the SS2.

One of my favorite aspects is that you'll most likely never experience mechanical issues. We can still count on one hand how many warranty calls we've had over the years. This is not something we can say of other brands. Making ultra-smart chargers by hand definitely makes a difference.

The 10A per bank output is just about perfect for the vast majority of weekend fisherman. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true. If you are in the market for a 12V or 24V trolling motor battery charger you need to seriously consider buying the SS2 on-board charger for trouble free performance and long life batteries. It truly is the best marine battery charger for your bass boat or any other harsh environment application.

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