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Say Goodbye to the Lestronic II Charger and Hello to Summit Series II & Quick Charge

Lestronic II and other Lester Electrical Chargers are being discontinued as of December 21st, 2018. Lester Electrical has determined the following battery charger brands will be discontinued: E-Series, X-Series, E-Series II, Lestronic II and Manual Timer chargers. There will probably be plenty around the first half of 2019, but thereafter what are your options?

You have two options: Change to Lester’s newer and smaller Summit Series II switch mode charger or stick with a reliable and familiar transformer-based (and USA made) Quick Charge charger.

Summit Series II Replaces Lestronic II Chargers

Dimensions for Summit Series 650W ChargerThe new Summit Series II is smaller and lighter compared to the older Lester models and Lestronic II chargers. There are two Summit Series models available: the 650W and 1050W. There will be a 1425W model introduced by 2020.Dimensions Summit Series 1050W Charger

The 650W model measures 11.30 x 7.17 x 3.64 inches.

The 1050W model measures 10.97 x 9.25 x 4.00 inches.

Compare that to previous chargers measuring 10.25 x 8.70 x 8.75 (and bigger), the Summit Series II takes up about 60% less space. They weigh up to 75% less at a whopping 8 pounds.

These new chargers are designed with industry-leading charging intelligence and an unparalleled feature set:

Features of Summit Series II Charger

The IP66 rating on the enclosure means it can withstand a jet of water from a 12.5mm (1/2 inch) nozzle in any direction. It is NOT cleared for underwater use. For a water submersible charger, you need an IP67 or IP68 rating depending on the anticipated water depth (Read this article on understanding the IP rating and selecting the best marine battery charger).

The Bluetooth and Cloud Connectivity are welcomed features for fleet management. They enable you to monitor charging and battery health from a phone or tablet as well as upload various charge profiles adapted to your specific charging needs.

The multi-voltage input and output makes selecting the correct charger much easier for commercial and industrial outfits. Here is what you can expect output wise from each model:

Voltage / Model24 Volt36 Volt48 Volt
Summit II 650W27 Amp18 Amp13.5 Amp
Summit II 1050W25 Amp25 Amp22 Amp
Summit II 1425W40 Amp40 Amp~~


Quick Charge Chargers

Quick Charge chargers have been a competitor of Lester Electrical for many years. They never went after the OEM market, but instead preferred to provide extremely reliable aftermarket replacements.

Just like Lester, they have multiple series, some of which go head-to-head with the look and feel of the traditional box shape portable chargers akin to the Lestronic chargers.

But Quick Charge also makes condensed on-board chargers (with a watertight IP65 rating) and replacements for those distinctively designed, hard-to-find OEM chargers found on various lift trucks and commercial utility vehicles.

The most likely candidates for the discontinued Lester models will be their standard portable smart charger or QP Series and the Select-A-Charge Plus SCP series. These two lines cover voltages from 6V to 72V and amperage from 10A to 40A.

The 'OB' Series is perfect for those on board applications. For those industrial customers that require even more power, Quick Charge also has units that produce 24-48V at 60 or 100 amps.

Recommended Replacement Options


Old Lester Part #Charger DescriptionRecommended Summit Series IIQuick Charge Replacement Options
28060-03E-Series II, 24V, 21A, On-Brd, SB50 Grey29300-03, 24V 650WOB2425 / SCP2425P
28060-83E-Series II, 24V, 21A, Off-Brd, SB50 Red29300-83, 24V 650WQP2425 / SCP2425P
28070-83E-Series II, 24V, 25A, On-Brd, SB50 Red29300-83, 24V 650WOB2425 / SCP2425P
28090-01E-Series II, 36V, 25A, On-Brd, Crows Foot30400-01, 36V 1050WOB3625 / QP3625
28090-03E-Series II, 36V, 25A, On-Brd, SB50 Gray30400-03, 36V 1050WOB3625 / QP3625
08882-00Manual Timed 48LC25T12, 48V, 25A, Off-Brd, No DC Plug30400-00, 48V 1050WSCP4825P / QP4825
09611-03Manual Timed 36LC25-3.5T12, 36V, 25A, Off-Brd, SB50 Gray30400-03, 36V 1050WSCP3625P / QP3625
26010-03E-Series II, 24V, 21A, On-Brd, SB50 Grey29300-03, 24V 650WOB2425 / QP2425
26040-83E-Series II, 24V, 25A, On-Brd, SB50 Red29300-83, 24V 650WOB2425 / QP2425
26070-03E-Series II, 48V, 17A, On-Brd, SB50 Grey30400-03, 48V 1050WOB4815 / QP4825
27030-04X-Series, 24V, 35A, Off-Brd, SB175 Gray24V 1425WSCP2440P / QP2440
27030-84X-Series, 24V, 35A, Off-Brd, SB175 Red24V 1425WSCP2440P / QP2440
27050-03X-Series, 36V, 30A, On-Brd, SB50 Gray30400-03, 36V 1050WOB3635 / QP3625
27050-04X-Series, 36V, 30A, Off-Brd, SB175 Gray30400-03, 36V 1050WSCP3640P / QP3625
27070-04E-Series, 12V, 25A, Off-Brd, SB175 GrayNo ReplacementSCP1225P / QP1225
06430-00Lestronic II, 36V, 25A, Off-Brd, No DC Plug30400-07, 36V 1050WOB3625 / QP3625
07210-03Lestronic II, 24V, 25A, Off-Brd, SB50 Gray30400-03, 24V 1050WOB2425 / SCP2425P
07210-83Lestronic II, 24V, 25A, Off-Brd, SB50 Red30400-83, 24V 1050WOB2425 / SCP2425P
09475-04Lestronic II, 36V, 40A, Off-Brd, SB175 Gray36V 1425WQP3640 / SCP3640P
09513-03Lestronic II, 24V, 40A, Off-Brd, SB50 Gray24V 1425WQP2440 / SCP2440P
19740-95S24LC25-8ET, 24V, 25A, On-Brd, GenieTBDOB2425GN
18710-96S48LC25-8ET, 48V, 25A, On-Brd, GenieTBDOB4825