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Pro Charging Systems Can Save your Ill-Timed Marine Battery Purchase

Make the Most Out of a Forced [Bad] Battery Decision

Let’s face it, no matter how many times we preach proper battery usage, life gets in the way! We’ve all been there! Like the time when you just arrived at your favorite fishing hole only to discover the trolling motor won’t work. After some fiddling you determine one of the batteries has crapped out.

Dead Batteries Ruin TripsUnder duress, you are suddenly forced to decide whether to save-your-long-overdue-fishing-weekend-extravaganza or to surrender defeat, head home angry and potentially explode on the first person you meet when you walk through the back door. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

There is so much to unwrap in that scenario including your overall life attitude, planning and preparation as well as cost / reward analysis. But rather than turning this into a psychology paper on your mental fitness or impulsiveness, let’s focus on one thing: you decide to stay.

Can an Improper Marine Battery Pairing be Salvaged?

So, you’ve decided to stay, what happens now? You probably rush over to the local bait shop, auto store or Wal-Mart and hope they have something you can purchase to pair up with your other battery that is still working. Right? That’s pretty much your only option if you want to salvage your weekend on the water.

Just like Murphy told us, the store does not carry your desired brand and the group sizing you were needing is nowhere to be found. You didn’t want to spend a lot of money anyways, so you settle on a battery, not necessarily a marine battery, that fits your in-pocket budget. But all in all, you figure this should get you through the weekend. Is this sounding familiar?

Not an ideal situation by any stretch of the means. Using different types, ages, sizes and brands of batteries together is never recommended as they will ultimately cause pre-mature failure. Under and overcharging is inevitable.

Pro Charging Systems to the Rescue

Called the ‘valedictorian of smart chargers’ by Bassmaster, Pro Charging Systems (PCS) multi-bank chargers—Recreation, Sportsman and Pro Series—will help minimize the negative affects created by an imperfect battery pairing.

Again, let’s pause to emphasize that ideally you should be using the same brand, age, size and type of battery when paired together. But, for our scenario that forced you to break the rules, there is a silver lining.

Pro Charging Systems SS2 Sportsman 2 Bank ChargerEach bank on these multi-bank chargers has its own individual charger that analyzes batteries separately. This allows the charger to compensate for batteries in different stages of life: Older batteries may need to be charged more often and perhaps longer, while new batteries need less attention. In our unequally yoked battery bank scenario this charge technique eliminates under and over charge concerns.

Did you know, the first Pro Charging Systems charger in this series was a two bank called the Dual Pro? The name stuck and is now often used to describe the company as a whole. They were also leap years ahead of the competition when they introduced their Delta Volt charge profile around 2011.

The amazing Delta Volt charge profile takes into account temperature, so batteries will receive a full charge no matter what the atmospheric conditions. The PCS chargers are waterproof and shut off completely when a battery reaches full charge, eliminating problems that occur with trickle-charge models.

A Closer Look at Dual Pro Marine Chargers

Each series output is designed to match the angler’s equipment. The Recreation Series for the those with smaller boats and motors and who may not get out as often as they would desire. The Sportsman Series for enthusiasts that may have bigger faster boats and who get out several times a month. And finally, the Professional Series for those that require the fastest re-charge times and employ large capacity battery banks.

Specs / SeriesRecreation SeriesSportsman SeriesPro Series
1 BankRS1SS1PS1
2 BankRS2SS2PS2
3 BankRS3SS3PS3
4 Bank~~SS4PS4
Price$129 to $229$160 to $425$200 to $500
Weight3-7 Lbs6-22 Lbs7-30 Lbs


Pro Charging Systems solved the input side of the equation by providing an ideal charging scenario, but obviously we are still pairing two or three equivocally different batteries which has an output side to the equation. As each battery reacts differently to the draw demand ,this will take its toll on the batteries. Each will discharge at different rates due to their specific design and internal resistance.

By installing a Dual Pro charger, you will maximize the length of time you have before you ultimately replace ALL the batteries for your trolling motor with the same brand, age, size deep cycle battery. These chargers help buy you time to save for the best marine battery money can buy. (See our article on what Bassmaster Elite veteran Rick Morris considers to be the best marine battery.)

With a Dual Pro at the helm, you can rest assured that your new marine batteries will last for an extended period of time. You can also rest soundly knowing your last-minute desperation purchase to save your long-awaited weekend getaway was something that didn’t sink your ship.