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  • We're Not At The Cool Table Anymore

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  • Make a Dead Battery Come Alive!

    Jump Starting a BatterySo how do you make a dead battery start? If it is dead, shouldn’t you just replace it? We are going to cover 5 ways to start a dead battery even without jumper cables. I’m willing to bet that most of you have never tried or even considered idea number five! Continue reading

  • How the Weego JS12 Jump Starter Saved the Day!

    Weego JS12 Jump starter Battery+ in ActionIronic! I left my pocket-sized lithium Weego jump starter battery+ plugged into my cigarette lighter socket and 13 hours later, as I was leaving work, discovered my car battery was drained. The last few mornings my Subaru started rather slow and I knew my car battery was getting low and needed a good Pulse Charge. As a safety net, I grabbed the Weego. If I was not in such a rush and so utterly distracted, I would have unplugged the device and brought it inside to charge while I was at work. But, I suppose, if life went as planned I would not have a good story to tell you today… Continue reading

  • And the Cock Crows Again

    And the rooster crows again!The Power Of The Tongue!

    The tongue wields great power! For with it we can speak simple undefiled truth or offer up varying degrees of deceitfulness. We can proclaim a blessing or pronounce a curse. We can build up and we can tear down. We can pour out accolades or repudiate bold proclamations. This past Friday, as I came out of the closet and made a public declaration of faith, I witnessed something profound and ironic, and yet very much tragic, occur mere hours after posting my stance.

    Allow me to set the stage. Continue reading

  • Impact Battery #NoFearFriday Klove

    Faithful Obedience

    Impact Battery #NoFearFridayWhen I started this venture nearly 7 years ago, I had to overcome the fear of failure & rejection. Was I willing to leave the presumed safety & security of full-time employment and follow what I thought the Lord was asking me to do? Did I have enough faith to trust God; to trust Him to provide for my family and to teach me how to run a successful company?

    Fear held me back for a long time. While I wrestled with the idea and lived in my insecurity, I was miserable and despondent. Finally, I stopped avoiding, delaying, justifying and simply let go. I threw my hands up and trusted God with everything and created Impact Battery. Continue reading

  • Pray For Eli - A Journey of Faith & Love

    #LoveForEliAs the title alludes, this will not be our typical educational / informational battery related blog post. Instead, I ask that we put our differences aside, take a moment to pause and pray for Eli.

    Who is Eli? Eli is a little boy struggling to survive a Stem Cell transplant. According to the doctors, the actual transplant is progressing and has NOT been rejected by Eli’s body. However, very shortly after the surgery, he acquired a virus that has been attacking his lungs and shutting down his kidneys. This is obviously, hindering the progression of the transplant and robbing his body of the energy and nutrients needed to begin producing the much needed ‘T’ cells that can fight a virus. He now lies lifeless on his hospital bed struggling for every breath and yet after months of battling this virus his little body has not given up! The doctors have prepared the family for what appears to be the inevitable, but left the window of hope open saying “it would take a miracle.” Continue reading

  • Mission Main Street Grant

    Why Choose Impact Battery for a $150K Mission Main Street Grant?

    There are many worthy organizations deserving of a Mission Main Street Grant, some perhaps more so than Impact Battery. However, we feel our unique and often scoffed at view of how businesses should operate sets us apart from the crowd. Continue reading

  • UB63800 Battery & 89.9 KYMS Radio

    How a Group L16 UB63800 Battery Made an Impact

    Impact Battery is delighted to play a role in getting Legacy Broadcasting’s new off-grid radio tower up and running by supplying them with sealed lead acid 6 volt deep cycle batteries and cable accessories. Specifically, we are using the L16 sized UB63800 by Universal Power Group as the backbone of their wind powered station tower. Continue reading

  • Recharging Your Inner Battery

    This past weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. I was unable to make it back for the funeral as I was on the other side of the continent and there was a snowstorm blowing over the region. Interestingly enough the storms were blowing again this weekend as my thoughts drifted to the scorn of death.

    For many, death is viewed as the end of the line. It is just the inevitable facet of the circle of life. Dust to dust…so they say. Others believe your soul lives on and how you choose to live now determines how it [your soul] will live for eternity. The two views are in stark contrast with each other and have generated heated debate over the centuries. Continue reading

  • What Trouble In Libya? Americans ARE OK With Being Lied to...

    Warning: This post has political content. Objective viewers only. I was reading an article citing a Fox News Poll that had typical political banter and election year spin. But one section stood out and shocked me! It had nothing to do with the race for the White House and simply...

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