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Lawn Mower Battery

  • PulseTech XC100 Charger vs. Battery Tender Jr. | Pulse Talk

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  • Battery Desulfation

    Lead-acid Batteries

    Although lead-acid batteries have many disadvantages when compared to other types of batteries, these types of batteries are among the most common batteries on the planet. One of the major reasons for the prevalence of lead-acid batteries is their ability to be recharged multiple times. The internal reaction that creates electricity is reversible, allowing a spent battery to be restored to a functional state over and over.

    Over time, however, lead-acid batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This gradual loss of charging capacity is due to a process called sulfation. While discharging, the lead dioxide plates within the battery react with the sulfuric acid electrolyte, causing lead sulfate to build up on the plates. As lead sulfate builds up within the battery, it loses its ability to provide electricity. When the battery charges, the voltage of the charging mechanism causes the lead sulfate to return to its original state. Over repeated charges, however, some of these lead sulfate deposits crystallize and harden, making them hard to remove. These crystallized deposits interfere with the battery's operation, making the battery harder to charge. Eventually, the sulfate deposits Continue reading

  • Time to Get Your Mower Ready for Lawn Season

    If you live in warmer weather climates, you’re probably already being besieged with fliers left on the doors for lawn services or being reminded on advertisements and in the news that it is time now to begin thinking about your fertilizing, weed control and spring-season gardening.

    ZZ46E2C246.jpgRather than waiting until the day you decide it’s time to scalp your grass or begin a weekly cut, this is a great time to bring out your riding mower and give it a thorough checkup to see if it’s ready for another season.

    Start by giving your equipment a thorough cleaning and inspection. Being stored for months without use can take its toll on any equipment. Next, give your riding mower battery a thorough charge and see how it is holding up. Since there is nothing worse than mowing only part of the yard to have the battery give up and refuse to finish the job, it may be time to consider a replacement battery or at least a backup battery for the coming season.


    At Impact Battery, we have the replacement battery you will need for your riding mower. Whether you have equipment, from Deere & Co., Atlas Tool, Dixie Chopper, Ford, Snapper, Sears, or from most any of the other manufacturers on the market, we will more than likely have the battery that fits your mower.

    We carry one of the most popular riding mower batteries—12V 35Ah Group U1—which is considered the workhorse of the industry. It fits numerous makes and models and is one of our top sellers. Most of our batteries are of the sealed AGM type, although we also carry the wet AGM conventional type as well. We’ve made it easy for you to find the replacement riding mower battery you may need by listing the various manufacturers and providing a link for you simply to click on and review. The detail will show the model number and batteries available.

    Free ground shipping on orders over $50 is offered at Impact Battery, and remember that every purchase you make from us supports charity to make this world a better place for us all!

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