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  • Lithium Jumper Cable Kits Solve The Dead Battery Problem

    Don't Let a Dead Battery Steal Your Friday Freedom Face!

    Friday Freedom vs. Dead Jumper Cable KitWe were in the process of testing and writing a 3 part series identifying the differences between the various lithium jumper cable kits when I came across a 2012 blog draft from an employee that for one reason or another was overlooked and forgotten about until now. Reviewing her account of events, I was very much entertained and realized there are some definite technology improvements & takeaways we can ascertain from her experience. Continue reading to learn more… Continue reading

  • 12000mAh Lithium Jump Starters: What is the Difference between Weego, Antigravity, Energen and others?

    Comparing 12000mAh Lithium Jump StartersThe short answer to this question is Components, Marketing, Price, Paint & Packaging! When comparing the various pocket-sized 12000mAh lithium jump starters such as the Antigravity Micro Start XP-1, Weego JS12, Lil Lightening RP-2, PowerAny 12000, GooLoo GP01, the Energen EN-PJX6, istart, Dr. Auto, Jump Tiger and CarKu one might notice they tend to appear eerily similar. This is because, for all sakes and purposes, from the outside looking in, they are! The basic design Continue reading

  • Lead Crystal Battery Question

    I just answered a question about a lead crystal battery at from Jon (aka Beanyboy57), and thought it was worth sharing.

    Question: I have just recently heard about lead crystal batteries and read the 'data' presented on some websites which seems too good to be true. Claims of 7/800 cycles to 80% DOD. Does anyone have information on this type of battery or has used them for an extensive period?


    My Thoughts: My first guess is that the battery is too expensive to manufacture and/or is not reliable. I remember a colleague of mine sharing a story about when they bought some battery technology from DuPont that would have revolutionized the industry. It was a fine hair like substance woven into a glass-matt that would allow the material to be built into clothing, for example. It worked great in the lab, but when they attempted to commercialize it they kept running into problems and had to abandon the idea. My second guess as to why it is not used is that crystals are a dense material and not conducive to electron passing.

  • Goal Zero and Impact Battery Featured in Living In Style TV Segment and several of our Goal Zero solar panel and battery products were featured on a segment of Living In Style called "I Gotta Have That". Hosted by Rhonda Castagna, the segment shows how cool and functional it is to use these Goal Zero products and underscored (not in a scary way) how easy it is to have them available in the case of unforeseen disasters like Hurricane Sandy, earthquakes and similar events.

    We love these products because they are fun and easy to use for daily living, like when we go camping in our pop-top tent trailer (or even without) and do not have electrical hookups. Check this out:

    Host: Rhonda Castagna
    TV Show: Living In Style
    Web Site:

    Hi, I'm Rhonda Castagna, and welcome to this special edition of Living In Style's "I Gotta Have That". Today we have some great products and services to share with you, so let's get started.

    Now-a-days, everything we use on a daily basis needs power to operate, from laptops, tablets and cell phones, to GPS units and camping lamps. If you want your devices to work when AC power is not available, then you need to rely on the Escape 150 Battery Combo.

    The Escape 150 offers 3 convenient ways to power your devices via USB port, 12 V DC socket and built in 80 Watt AC inverter. The LCD monitor displays its remaining battery life in 20% increments. It has 150 watt-hours of power, enough to run a large laptop for 6 to 10 hours. No matter where you are, the Escape 150 makes it easy to recharge your battery via the included AC wall adapter, a Goal Zero lightweight solar panel, or with a 12 V DC adapter.

    Also available is the Escape 30 Solar Briefcase that connects easily to the Escape 150 Battery Pack. This rugged panel provides 30 watts of power, and includes a rubberized handle for easy carrying, features a built-in kickstand to orient to the sun, and closes to protect the panels.

    The ultra-lightweight Nomad 13.5 Flex Panel is a foldable 13.5 W solar panel. It can be used by itself, daisy-chained together for more power, or with a variety of battery packs including the Escape 150. It is lightweight, portable, rugged and compact.

    Light up your campsite or home when the power goes out with the Light-A-Life Lantern. This 3-watt, lantern-style light plugs directly into the Escape 150 and can be daisy-chained together to light larger areas. So if you're away from home but still need to reliably connect to all of your electronic devices or are stranded in a blackout, the Escape 150 Battery Combo is all you need to power up and stay of the dark.

  • [VIDEO] Best Portable Batteries, Powered Up For Hiking Before you hit the hiking trail this season consider these portable solutions to keep all of your electronic devices fully powered.

    Keeping your phone charged is a top priority for convenience as well as safety. The UltraXP offers a highly portable power solution for hikers to keep their USB powered devices charged. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this external battery is perfect for short or long hikes or even business travelers.

    But what if your external battery runs out of power? Any electronic device can go further with the Goal Zero Escape’s ability to recharge through your car’s cigarette lighter. Perfect for road warrior or car camper, the Escape 150 houses an internal battery with a wide variety of outputs.

    Another popular Goal Zero power solution is the Guide 10 Adventure Kit. This ultra lightweight USB solar charging system fits in your pocket and it offers the flexibility of a AA and AAA battery charger. For the most portable power solution consider the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit. Use the foldable solar panels in conjunction with the battery power pack and with just six hours of sunlight you will have a fully charged battery with 50 watt hours of power.

    Look to Impact Battery to provide these and many more battery products for your home, travel, and outdoor needs.

  • Goal Zero Products Keep You Powered Up Anywhere, Anytime

    Have you heard about Goal Zero products? If you haven’t, you soon will be, as the innovative portable solar power systems are a huge hit in the marketplace today and providing a new level of portability, power and convenience. And we have this company’s products in stock and ready for you at Impact Battery.

    What makes Goal Zero power systems so special? The products feature full solar energy systems such as solar panels, power packs and accessories, and each are designed to work in concert with each other. The designs offer durable renewable power and light. The Goal Zero emphasis is on improving the outdoor experience with innovative, durable and reliable products that pledge to change the ways you can adventure! Not only do we support the company’s emphasis on environmentalism and humanitarianism, its goals directly parallel our pledge of giving back to the community by impacting it in a positive way one battery at a time of being a world changer.


    We proudly currently offer 86 different Goal Zero products that range from items as simple as portable speakers, beverage heaters and cigarette adapters to power packs, lights, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries. We are also excited about the various kits with combination items put together for your convenience, such as the Expedition Kit that is a dream for camping, mobile kit, or even a scout kit.

    We also proudly offer the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator that can be used as a backup power source when you absolutely must maintain power even during outages, such in the case of home health care equipment or freezers.

    Browse through their various offerings and we believe you will be excited as we are about the portable power options that can now be yours. And don’t forget about our free shipping on orders over $50!

  • Guide 10 Plus, Escape 150 Super Savings Inside

    We have noticed that the majority of Goal Zero customers seem to prefer purchasing through Amazon or via Goal Zero directly. Understandably, purchasing from the manufacturer direct or from a large multi-billion dollar company has its perks. However, purchasing from a company like Impact Battery that specializes in battery and chargers will enable customers to receive valuable tech support and unparalleled expertise (unlike Amazon) as well as money saving coupons that are not available from the manufacturer. also gives a portion of every sale to the charity of our customers choosing, at no cost to our customers. Spread the word and continue the cycle of giving!

    Goal Zero Money Saving Coupons

    'Torpedo' Power!

    Guide 10 Plus

    The Guide10 Plus and Escape 150 kits are by far the most popular Goal0 products. The Guide 10 Plus units are lightweight, compact and versatile. They utilize a set of 4 AA (or AAA) NiMH batteries for power storage. This is convenient as you can also use the included batteries for other devices. The unit itself has a 1A USB output port, a build in LED flashlight, and a mini-USB solar input port. Total weight: less than 1/2 a pound and no more than 2.5 x 4 x 0.75 in size.

    Escape 150

    The Escape 150 "Torpedo" uses a standard 14A lead acid battery and comes with a built in 80W inverter, 0.5A USB output port, rubberized carrying handle and battery level gauge. The Escape 150 can be charged via the AC wall adapter or a Goal Zero solar panel.

  • GOAL ZERO Products A Must Have After Hurricane Irene

    In the wake of hurricane Irene and the east coast earthquake we have not been able to keep the Goal Zero portable power packs on our shelves! The lightweight and extremely versatile battery packs, lights and foldable solar panels are the perfect solution for when the power goes out or for when you plan to go out and "rough it" in the wild places this world has to offer. There were definitely 3 Goal0 kits that made an impression:

    The Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit

    This is probably one of the most affordable and lightweight kits. It's extremely compact design weighs no more than 7 total pounds and includes the Sherpa 50 Whr lithium battery and the Nomad 13.5W foldable solar panel. You can charge or run your devices via the USB ports (found on the battery and the panel) and the 12V DC female cigarette lighter socket.

    The Escape 150 Adventure Kit

    This unit contains a sealed lead acid battery providing 150 Whr of power. This 15 lb torpedo looking power unit has a built in USB port, 12V DC socket adapter and 110V 80W AC inverter. The kit also includes the Boulder 15 Watt expandable mono-crystalline solar panel. This is enough power to run a laptop, charge cell phones, ipads and other portable devices as well as any of the various LED lights manufactured by Goal Zero.

    The Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit

    This portable power system consists of a 120 Whr lithium battery pack, the Nomad 27W foldable solar panel, and the Sherpa Universal Input 100W inverter. It has every type of power you need to keep you out of the dark and connected to friends and family.

  • Goal Zero Arrives At Impact Battery is excited to announce we now offer genuine Goal Zero power packs, solar panels and accessories. These portable power products are rugged, versatile high quality power products that meet the energy needs of the traveling business community to the extreme adventurer.

    Goal Zero Adventure Kit

    Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit

    The most popular item is the Guide 10 Adventure Kit. It includes the Nomad 7 Watt foldable solar panel (with USB and 12 volt DC female cigarette lighter adapter) and the Guide 10 AA battery included rechargeable power pack.

    Goal0 also makes numerous accessories from rugged high quality speakers to various USB enabled lights to hard plastic waterproof carrying cases. They have thought of nearly everything we need to enjoy the creature comforts of home in the great outdoors, highways and byways.

    Check out the new stock and enjoy the great prices!

    Goal 0 = Power Anywhere

  • Portable Solar Panels Make Camping Luxurious

    Follow this link to view or purchase flexible or portable solar panels, otherwise enjoy the blog article.

    Bolan Peak Fire Lookout

    This past weekend (July 22-24, 2011) I had the pleasure of taking my oldest son into the Siskiyou mountains of Southern Oregon and Northern California for some father/son time. We stayed in an old fire tower atop Bolan Peak nestled around 6200 ft amongst a handful of craggy peaks reaching around 7500 feet. The weather was perfect as we finally experienced summer like temperatures that had eluded us since last September. We knew this past winter produced heavy snows, but were still amazed and delighted to see large snow drifts and plenty of shady area snow pack, both quite unusual this late in the season at our elevation. Understandably, we spent our first morning hiking the ridge line south of the lookout tower sliding down the snow shoots and scurrying through the snow tunnels all while enjoying the views of distant peaks and stunning wildflowers.

    Since we could drive to the fire lookout we made a list of luxury items to bring such as a portable DVD player, cell phone, electric fan (4 sided glass rooms get very hot in summer even at elevation), laptop and a radio. All these devices require power so we brought several portable power units including a Tekkeon MP3450 lightweight lithium battery, a UPG 12V 18Ah sealed lead acid battery, SUNLINQ 25 watt flexible solar panel, several different small wattage DC to AC inverters and DC to DC converters, and various accessories to hook everything up.

    We were very impressed with the power output of the SUNLINQ panel. Its rated output is 1.5A (1500mAh) in peak sun. The CIGS cell technology is capable of producing power in low light situations where mono-crystalline and polycrystalline cells cannot. This ability to absorb a wider solar light spectrum and its incredibly flexible and lightweight design makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who cannot always be in optimal solar conditions. The video below shows a clip from one test we performed around 7:30 pm July 22, 2011 using a DC electric fan connected directly to the panel via a cigarette lighter adapter. The sun was within an hour of setting and we had enough power to run the fan even though two squares were facing upwards and not towards the sun (it was windy and I had to hold the panel down with a lead weight, see picture). Even so, the current output was still around 50% of total possible output at midday.

    Global Solar 25 watt Sunlinq panel

    25 Watt Flexible SUNLINQ Solar Panel

    This 25W SUNLINQ comes with a five piece accessory kit and can be connected directly to the Tekkeon mobile battery packs. In low light situations you can still harness the power of the sun by connecting the Sun Booster Solar Adapter between any solar panel producing less than 25W and the Tekkeon MyPowerALL battery products. The small DC socket AC adapter, Tekkeon Battery, SUNLINQ 25W and applicable accessories weighed less than 5 lbs. As we all know, when packing it in, weight matters! Especially when you are climbing or hiking on 14,000+ foot Mt. Shasta seen below in the distance looking west from the Bolan Lake lookout tower.

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