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  • PulseTech XC100 Charger vs. Battery Tender Jr. | Pulse Talk

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  • Battery Desulfation

    Lead-acid Batteries

    Although lead-acid batteries have many disadvantages when compared to other types of batteries, these types of batteries are among the most common batteries on the planet. One of the major reasons for the prevalence of lead-acid batteries is their ability to be recharged multiple times. The internal reaction that creates electricity is reversible, allowing a spent battery to be restored to a functional state over and over.

    Over time, however, lead-acid batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This gradual loss of charging capacity is due to a process called sulfation. While discharging, the lead dioxide plates within the battery react with the sulfuric acid electrolyte, causing lead sulfate to build up on the plates. As lead sulfate builds up within the battery, it loses its ability to provide electricity. When the battery charges, the voltage of the charging mechanism causes the lead sulfate to return to its original state. Over repeated charges, however, some of these lead sulfate deposits crystallize and harden, making them hard to remove. These crystallized deposits interfere with the battery's operation, making the battery harder to charge. Eventually, the sulfate deposits Continue reading

  • Powering Up For Boating Season

    Warm, sunny skies and the beginning of summer schedules means it is now time for water fun for boating enthusiasts. Whether your personal enjoyment is to fish, cruise, or to enjoy recreational activities like tubing, skiing or personal watercraft, it’s important to check out your craft before loading up family and friends for a day on the water.

    The No. 1 enjoyment-buster for a day out at the lake or baby shouldn’t come to a surprise to any boat owner. It is failure for the boat to start. And in most cases, the battery is the culprit.

    ZZ019E98A2.jpgAt Impact Battery, we have a wide selection of marine batteries so your fun will never be a bust. Many owners will keep a spare battery charged and ready for that very purpose during boating season. So, whether your existing battery is becoming harder to start and showing signs it’s time to get a new one, or you just want to keep an extra battery on hand, we have what you’ll need.

    Our categories make marine battery shopping simple: we have starting batteries, 12 volt, 6 volt and 2 volt. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $50 (domestic U.S. only), so not only will you save money, but you’ll get the convenience of having the battery delivered to your location of choice!

    In addition to marine batteries, we also stock batteries for your motorcycle, golf cart, ATV, electric scooter, mobility scooter, personal watercraft, racing, toy, UTV, RV, power sports, and more. In most instances, we can be your one-stop battery store! We also make searching for the right battery easier, by providing searches by type or brand.

    Check us out and see our philanthropy program and how we positively impact communities one battery at a time!

  • Marine and Watercraft Batteries

    Today, January 20th, marks exactly two months until the first day of Spring! The long dark nights and cold mornings are going to become a distant memory as the weeks progress towards warmer weather. With winter behind us, the fishing, camping, boating season is creeping up.

    logo-lifeline.jpgAs you dust off your flip-flops and dig through your closet to find your long forgotten pair of shorts, don't forget about your boat or watercraft's battery. It's likely been 3 or more months since you last fired up your boat's motor. A dead battery is a real downer at the lake and Impact Battery has a great selection of marine batteries and personal water craft batteries.

    ZZ33E3C041.jpgWe carry deep cycle marine batteries manufactured by Universal Power Group and LifeLine Batteries. These sealed lead acid AGM marine batteries are spill proof and will not leak acid on your boat in rough seas. We've got a huge selection of marine batteries and if you aren't sure what kind of marine battery you need, check out our Marine Battery Selector chart. It sorts all of the different types of batteries based on motor, horsepower, and accessories.

    If you are more of a WaveRunner or Jet Ski kind of guy, then check out our personal watercraft batteries section that is sorted by brand. We carry batteries that are compatible with all of the major watercraft brands.

    Beyond our free shipping offer for any orders over $50 for top quality brands, Impact Battery also gives its customers a chance to make an impact in a community. Every customer purchase, regardless of the dollar amount, will have a portion of the sale set aside to be given to a charity or an educational facility of the customer's choosing. Together we will impact communities for the better.

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