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Wheelchair Batteries

  • Proper Care and Keeping for Mobility Scooter Batteries

    How to care for your scooter batteryKnowing how to properly charge and maintain your powered wheelchair or mobility scooter batteries is vitally important. For many, these electric powered chariots, as one customer so eloquently described them, provide independence and are a necessary part of everyday living. So when dead or dying batteries are encountered, it is more than an inconvenience; it is a world on hold event! Our goal today is to provide some basic battery charging tips and some simple tests that can be performed to diagnose a bad battery. We will also share a few other nuggets of wisdom that may help debunk some battery myths you may have come across in your travels and hopefully provide some preventative medicine so to speak. Continue reading

  • Battery Desulfation

    Lead-acid Batteries

    Although lead-acid batteries have many disadvantages when compared to other types of batteries, these types of batteries are among the most common batteries on the planet. One of the major reasons for the prevalence of lead-acid batteries is their ability to be recharged multiple times. The internal reaction that creates electricity is reversible, allowing a spent battery to be restored to a functional state over and over.

    Over time, however, lead-acid batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This gradual loss of charging capacity is due to a process called sulfation. While discharging, the lead dioxide plates within the battery react with the sulfuric acid electrolyte, causing lead sulfate to build up on the plates. As lead sulfate builds up within the battery, it loses its ability to provide electricity. When the battery charges, the voltage of the charging mechanism causes the lead sulfate to return to its original state. Over repeated charges, however, some of these lead sulfate deposits crystallize and harden, making them hard to remove. These crystallized deposits interfere with the battery's operation, making the battery harder to charge. Eventually, the sulfate deposits Continue reading

  • UB12350 (and other) 12V 35Ah Scooter Batteries Too Cheap?

    UB12350 Scooter Battery Don't be Scammed! Make sure the battery is truly NEW.

    I tend to be outspoken when something just rubs me wrong. I get to a point where I can't keep my mouth shut and feel obligated to share the irritating news as well as the little known truth that makes the story so disturbing. This particular annoyance involves the 12V 35Ah battery. We sell bunches of these mainly to elderly people installing them into their mobility scooters. It is a very popular battery and it fits 60-75% of most scooters (our version is by Universal Power Group; SKU number is UB12350. There are many good brands to choose from besides ours).Here is the rub that got me angry. I discovered that certain companies (that sell heavily on Amazon) offer these batteries at steeply discounted prices. In-and-of-itself, that is not the issue. The fact is, these example UB12350 batteries are often several years old and were sold to these companies at steeply discounted prices to be marked as "old, sulfated, reconditioned, and in as is" condition. The real problem then rears its ugly head: these companies turn around and list them on Amazon as "new" batteries alongside others that truly have new batteries.

    You see Amazon attracts a lot of visitors. To be competitive the legitimate companies are forced to sell on Amazon and lower their prices to break-even levels. Amazon charges a fee of between 8-15%, depending on the category the battery is listed in, to merchants selling on their site. The fraudulent companies still make their profit margin while the honest guy spins circles. Who cares right, it is only the honest merchant that is getting screwed...right?

    On the contrary. The consumer buying the example UB12350 battery is also getting screwed. They think they got a great deal, only to find out 3 -12 months down the road their "new" 12V 35Ah battery won't hold a charge. They then learn the battery was "reconditioned" and not valid for a warranty. Let's paint the picture differently, my 90 year grandmother living on social security is now stranded because her batteries died. She has to navigate the foreign and scary world wide web in search of new batteries. Once she leverages her credit card to buy them, she still has to remain stranded for several days before they arrive. These batteries weigh 50lbs and the grandchildren do not live nearby so she is forced to hire a technician to lift and replace the get the picture? These companies are preying on little old ladies simply to make a buck!

    Buying Your UB12350 Battery from Impact...

    Your buying experience with Impact Battery will be much different. Our stock is constantly rolling through and does not get old. We take the time to talk with customers and ensure the product being purchased is correct for the application. We are happy to go over the various options and assist with technical questions. Should a warranty be needed we will promptly work with you to get a new battery.

    Obviously this does not only pertain to the UB12350 Battery, but for all sealed lead acid batteries. If you want friendly service and fresh product come visit us before you buy your next set of scooter batteries...or batteries for your motorcycle, ATV, computer backup, boat, etc.


  • Array of Batteries Offered for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters

    If you or a family member uses a power wheelchair or mobility scooter, then you can appreciate the importance of a high-performing battery to make sure your mobility is not hampered. At Impact Battery, we offer a large selection of mobility scooters and wheelchairs batteries.


    For ease in finding your battery, we have categories subdivided out for batteries under 25 amps, 26-55 amps, over 56 amps, and by gel batteries. We also feature a search component in case we do not have the battery you need listed. We also feature battery chargers as well.


    Our site includes product features and specifications as well as a description of the replacement warranty. We will also provide a description of which wheelchair or scooter models the specific battery fits.

    Wheelchair batteries are designed to be reused for many years and it is best to leave the batteries connected to your smart charger when the chair or scooter is not in use.

    If you are noticing your scooter or wheelchair doesn’t seem to have the “get up and go” it once did or seems to not hold a charge as long as when first purchased, it may be time for a replacement. Since battery technology continues to improve, you’ll undoubtedly see improved performance, and will be glad you purchase a new battery!

    So how do you ultimately decide the right type of electric wheelchair battery for you? Most manufacturers recommend gel batteries due to environmental and maintenance concerns. However, if you require more power and range for your wheelchair than a gel battery typically provides, you might consider having both types, using the wet-cell for daily use, and the gel-cell for travel, or light indoor use. For most wheelchair users who do not have extreme needs for power or range, the gel-cell lead-acid battery will probably be just fine for regular everyday use.

    We are currently offering free ground shipping on orders over $50, and donate a portion of every purchase to support charity. Impact Battery is a division of the Benevolence Group with the philosophy that everyone can lend a helping hand. We’re doing our part by making a difference one battery at a time!

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