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  • Smart Chargers Make All The Difference In The World

    Smart Chargers

    Smart Genius Chargers

    Customers frequently ask, "Why do I need a charger?" Rather than replying sarcastically, "Why do we need to eat healthy and exercise?" I choose to provide a little education that will hopefully help save our customers money and frustration in the future.

    Lead acid batteries will self discharge when left sitting unused. Discharged batteries rapidly undergo a process called sulfation. You see, when batteries are discharged the active lead material bonds with the sulfate and electrolyte forming sulfate crystals. These sulfate crystals harden and block the effective area of the battery and reduce its capacity. A battery with no capacity is useless; it can't provide the power required for its designated function. A smart battery charger, such as the Noco Genius brand of chargers, will help prevent sulfation from occurring by keeping your battery in a constant state of charge. They will never over charge your batteries. These chargers are designed to be left connected to your battery until you need to use the vehicle or device again. Our friends at have compiled a short video addressing this very issue (see below).

    If you find that your battery is already sluggish and suffering from the effects of age and sulfation, then you may want to consider the Xtreme Charger XC100-P from Pulse Tech. These incredible desulfating chargers will renew your battery to an "as new condition" by using patented Pulse Technology that increases the duty and life cycles of any size or type of 12 volt lead-acid battery by minimizing and removing lead sulfate crystals.

  • Smart Chargers Provide the Power You Need

    Genius ChargersWith so many reasons for batteries to power up our various equipment, toys, solar panels, and more, it may be prudent to carefully consider a quality battery charger to ensure you are getting the recharge you should. After all, it can sometimes be the charger you are using rather than the battery itself that needs to have its performance assessed.

    At Impact Battery, we offer “smart chargers,” meaning they are microprocessor controlled. We feature an impressive selection of 12-volt and 24-volt chargers. In addition, we stock 36-volt and 48-volt golf cart, RV, and waterproof Marine chargers.

    With summer activities about to swing into high gear, now is the time to consider a high-quality charger for your golf cart, boat, RV, scooter, motorcycle, or other equipment you may be utilizing more regularly than you have in previous months.

    We sell top-quality brands like Battery Tender, Dual Pro, Samlex, CTEK, Genius, Quick Charge and Schauer, among others. To make it easier for your to search for your particular charger, our website lists battery chargers by brand as well as by equipment. Our friendly customer service representatives are also available to help ensure you get the right charger for your need.

    Our free ground shipping on orders of more than $50 along with every purchase supporting charity are two reasons why our customers keep coming back to us for their battery or battery charger needs. Discover for yourself the Impact Battery Difference!

  • Genius Chargers by Noco

    The new multi-purpose Genius chargers have arrived! These units are packed with features, look great and are extremely easy to use. We began testing these switch mode style (vs. linear) chargers a few days ago and are excited by the initial results. They seem to perform as good or better than the premium PulseTech units leaving the batteries with a high level state of charge. The best part is that they are up to 30% less expensive and currently have a discount coupon code available (see below).

    Multi-Purpose Genius Chargers

    Multi-Purpose Genius Chargers

    The G3500 Genius charger, for example, automatically detects the type of battery (i.e. wet cell or AGM) and correctly chooses the charging current for the size of battery connected. It displays the charge level and then automatically switches into the float/maintenance mode when fully charged. With the press of a button you can manually override the settings to charge a larger 12V or even a 6V battery. If you make a wrong choice, the internal VosFX processor will not allow you to make a mistake and prevents you from damaging the battery or charger.

    Use coupon code Noco2011 for 5.5% off (valid until May 31, 2011)

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