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Parallel Charge

  • How and Why to Parallel Charge Dead Motorcycle Batteries

    This post on how to parallel charge a dead motorcycle battery is a continuation of our segment on Motorcycle Battery Testing but can be applied to all types of lead acid batteries. It is a temporary yet important aspect to diagnosing a bad battery. It also helps answer the question: Can I test my motorcycle battery with just a charger & voltmeter? The short answer is YES, kind of...

    If you have a more permanent parallel setup, such as what is used by boat or RV owners, you should jump over and read our Perfectly Balanced Charging tutorial. You will discover how a simple tweak to your set up could save you untold lost dollars and time.

    But back to diagnosing a bad battery... It is absolutely amazing how many consumers and so called professionals misdiagnose a battery as "bad". A large percentage of those so called failures were batteries that were unnaturally discharged and salvageable or were tested by an inexperienced or shady professional.

    Dead Battery Parallel Charge MethodSo What is this Parallel Charge?

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