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  • Battery Technology Continues To Change and Adapt Along with Products

    Nintendo’s 3DS portable gaming system has only been available in the U.S. for a short time, but it has already sold more than a million units. The 3DS is the first commercial device with a glasses-free 3-D screen and kids, teens and adult gamers alike are flocking to the new device.

    But while they love the 3-D illusions, Science Daily is reporting that its three-hour battery life is less than half of its predecessor, the 2-D DS device, which may make some gamers quite unhappy with decreased play time.

    But that may change soon, due to some innovative researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They have developed a fundamentally new approach to glasses-free 3-D called HR3D, which they say will double the battery life of devices without compromising screen brightness or resolution. The technique is claiming to also expand the viewing angle of a 3-D screen, which could pave the way to larger devices with multiple users while maintaining the 3-D effect.

    ZZ25806787.jpgWhy are we putting this information in the blog now? Consumers are continuing to demand higher capability performance and features with the technology they choose to buy, and have very clear cut expectations that the batteries for the devices will be able to support the features that drew them to the equipment in the first place. Our Tekkeon portable battery packs allow you to greatly extend your devices run time. They support hand-held gaming devices, laptop computers, phones, PDAs; virtually any electronic device.

    While this new 3-D glass-free technology is not on the market yet, researchers continue to work hard to enhance battery life to support new, sophisticated devices. That means battery technology will continue to get better along with the products themselves. At Impact Battery, we continue to keep up with the battery needs of our consumers so that we can offer the best replacement batteries for your equipment.

    We are your source for battery power of all kinds, ranging from motorcycles, golf carts, solar panels, scooters, toys, wheelchairs, and more. Check us out to see what our loyal customers already know and how we are determined to make a difference!

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