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Peg Perego Battery Replacement Tutorial & Buying Guide

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This tutorial provides insight, instruction and money saving purchase options for the various Peg Perego Batteries. It outlines:

  • How to replace only the battery instead of the entire battery system (saves $$$)
  • How to increase ride time between charges
  • When to use a replacement battery and when to use an OEM
  • The differences in battery sizes helping prevent buying the wrong one
  • How or if you can upgrade to a larger size battery.

To purchase any of the replacement batteries discussed in this replacement guide, click the image below or follow this link to our Impact Battery ride-on toy category and enjoy saving money!

Peg Perego Background Info

Peg Perego is a world leader (along with Mattel and the Power Wheels brand) in manufacturing kids ride on toys. They licensed the rights to make replica John Deere Gators and tractors, Polaris four-wheeler’s, and the Ducati Monster motorcycle to name a few. Kids aged 3-7 spend hours driving around the yard pretending to be their favorite racer, movie star, or their own dad working the farm. Inevitably, there comes a time when the fun ends and a new battery is needed in order to keep the peace. Hopefully we will shed some light on your options. Your first and maybe obvious choice is to simply buy a new battery system from Peg Perego or one of their licensed dealers, but as you already discovered (or will soon discover) this option becomes rather expensive.

An alternative is to replace the battery inside or under the protective safety cover. If you have any ability and want to save a bunch of cash, you will see there is no need to replace the entire battery system. Continue reading to discover how to change the battery and what you can expect once you have decided to go this route. You will save 40% or more compared to the original Peg Perego battery system.

Peg Perego 12 Volt Battery (BLUE)

Save Money Buying a Replacement Peg BatteryThe 12V battery is the most widely used and can be found in the John Deere Gator and Turf Tractor, Polaris Outlaw and Trail Boss quads, and the Ducati Monster motorcycle. There are two 12 volt battery sizes currently used, the IAKB0501 which is a 12V 12Ah and the IAKB0014 which is a 12V 8Ah. Both batteries will fit and can be found in these toys. If you have the smaller battery you will find a hold down bar and rectangular plastic space holder being used. The larger battery does not need the plastic space holder found between the battery case and the hold down bar as it is simply designed to stop the smaller battery from moving around in the battery tray. It is imperative to check which one you have before buying a replacement. The smaller 8 ampere battery is usually the one that comes with the John Deere toys, but not always. Other than the obvious amp capacity variance (12Ah vs. 8Ah), the difference in these two batteries is the physical width.

Impact Battery offers an upgrade for each of these batteries. The IAKB0501 replacement has 25% more capacity and is the UB12150-PEG 15Ah battery. The IAKB0014 replacement has 9 amps instead of 8A and is the UB1290-F2. Our replacement battery must be matched to the size of your existing battery or it will not fit inside the blue case. See below how you can open the blue case and possibly upgrade the smaller IAKB0014 to the larger battery.

NOTE: Some of the older Gaucho vehicles use two 6V 12Ah batteries in series to provide a 12V connection (HE6V12.7-S10 or IAKB0508). The wire harness has 4 leads instead of 2 leads. If you have this setup we would recommend using 2 of the UB6120 6 volt 12 amp hour batteries and not trying to use the 12V of the same physical size.

Opening the Blue Cover

To open the blue protective safety cover you will need a flat head screwdriver. The battery system is made up of a wire harness, battery, and protective cover. The cover consists of a bottom, top and two side straps.

  • 1. Choose one side strap and place the screwdriver behind where it attaches to the top part of the cover (between the strap and the battery). Carefully leverage the screwdriver so as to “pop” the strap away from the battery. The piece connecting the strap is like a one-way rivet or a flaring bolt that is designed to go in easier than it is to come out; thus eliminating the ability of small children from opening the cover.
  • 2. Now you have access to the battery inside the protective case. Carefully remove the slide-on wire harness tabs connected to the battery terminals. Remove the defective battery and insert the new replacement Peg Perego battery and reconnect the slide-on wires.
  • 3. Take the side strap and force the “rivet” back into the top cover whole. Connect the battery to the ride-on-toy and watch the kids have fun.

Additional 12V Information

Breakage – Should you need to replace your IAKB0501 protective cover Impact Battery has these in stock. The protective cover is only the blue plastic case surrounding the battery and does NOT include the wire harness or battery. Also, these covers fit only the 12V 12Ah (12V 15Ah) batteries and NOT the smaller IAKB0014. They are also designed so that you can slide the battery in via the side of the case rather than having to pop open the side strap as described above.

Upgrade – If you would like to upgrade your IAKB0014 8-amp Peg Perego battery to the larger and longer lasting 15-amp you can. You must reuse the wire harness from the original battery system and purchase the Blue Protective Cover along with the replacement IAKB0501 (UB12150) battery.

2nd Battery – It is NOT a good idea to purchase a second replacement Peg Perego 12V battery as a spare. For this to work, you would have to open the protective case every time, which is not exactly a plug-in-play exercise and you would need a charger that has alligator clamps. Buy an original battery from the manufacturer if you want to have a second charged battery always available to switch out when the first drains down. An original battery system will cost upwards of $70.

Peg Perego 6 Volt Battery (GREEN)

There are several smaller battery operated ride on toys made by Peg Perego. These toys take one of 3 different 6 volt batteries. The 6V 4.5Ah battery appears to be the most popular and widely used. All of the 6V batteries have a green protective safety cover over the terminals. These covers are held in place by a screw. To utilize a replacement battery, you will need to detach the green cover from the Peg Perego battery. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTACH THE COVER TO YOUR NEW REPLACEMENT BATTERY USING THIS SCREW. To continue using this cover you will need to place a bead of super glue or clear silicone around the top of the battery and press the green cover firmly atop the battery (of course this is after connecting the wire harness to the terminals). Some individuals have had success using electrical tape (or even duck tape); this is just as functional, it just doesn’t look as pretty. From our understanding the majority of customers completely remove the green cover and simply connect the wire harness to the terminals. After selling several thousand of these batteries being sold it appears any of the above ideas seem to work and save customers $20-40.

It would be good for us to note that the 6V 12Ah battery also known as IAKB0508 or part number HE6V12.7-S10 is sometimes used in series to make 12 volts. This would apply to you if: your battery cover is blue instead of green, the above referenced part number is displayed and your wire harness under the cover has 4 leads.

The three Peg Perego 6V battery sizes:

[[6V 4.5Ah]] [[6V 7.2Ah]] [[6V 12Ah]]

Peg Perego 24 Volt Battery (YELLOW)

The Perego 24V batteries use a similar system as the 12v batteries. The only difference is the case color, yellow instead of blue, and there are two 12-volt batteries inside. These batteries are connected together in series via a small slide on wire that goes from the POS(+) of battery one to the NEG(-) of battery two. Opening the case and replacing the batteries inside will follow the same instructions laid out in the 12V battery section of this article. Visit our 24-volt specific category page to purchase specific parts, batteries or chargers.