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Top Battery & Charger Brands Found At ImpactBattery

Impact Battery offers the leading battery, inverter, solar and charger manufacturers. We carefully test the various products to ensure quality and are always searching for new brands that offer innovative and compelling products.

Don't see your brand? Many of the battery brands we offer can be used as direct replacements to match or exceed your brands specifications. For example when looking for motorcycle or powersport batteries many bikes come equipped with a Yuasa battery. That is a great brand, but there are others such as MotoBatt that have increased CCA and AH and provide a much longer warranty all for less money than a Yuasa battery.

New, up and coming brands such as Drakon and Kinetik are taking the automotive AGM battery market by storm with their silver infused plates and 99.9% pure lead batteries. Existing high demand automotive batteries such as Optima and Odyssey may have met their match.

Noco introduced their Genius charger in 2010 and quickly became a dominate force in the industry. Their ultra smart charger knocked of the likes of CTEK and Battery Tender by offering more bang for your buck! In short your batteries will receive a higher state of charge and will last longer when using a Genius multipurpose smart charger.