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Noco Genius Industrial Strength Battery Chargers

GX Series: The Best-In-Class

See the smart charging profile of the Noco GX Industrial ChargerThe Noco Genius GX series HF/HE industrial grade chargers are one of the most advanced chargers on the market. The 9 phase Smart Steps are fully automatic making this advanced charger one of the safest and easiest to use and operate.

These chargers use a proprietary technology to dynamically alter the charging profile based on what the battery needs, and will not overcharge. With the GX Series Industrial Battery Chargers, you are getting the most advanced charger in its class - reaching an amazing 92% efficiency rating. In addition, the ability to easily select multiple charging modes (Normal, AGM, AGM+ and Lithium Ion), ability to start charging at zero volts in Supply Mode, and the Repair Mode to desulfate undercharged batteries, makes the GX Series the best-in-class.

Can I Use A Higher Amperage Charger?

In this case, YES!

The Noco Genius ultra smart charge cycle dynamically adjusts its charge profile based on what the battery bank needs.

For instance, if you are using the GX2440 and your 24V battery bank indicates it only needs 17ah the charger will not go over 17ah despite being capable of producing up to 40 amps. The GX series chargers will never overcharge your batteries!

Are These Chargers Water Proof?

The GX series chargers are IP66 rated and can be made IP68 after being installed by completely sealing the ports and caps with silicone, epoxy or similar.

This IP66 rating means water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.