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Noco Genius Multi-Purpose and Smart Car Chargers

These versatile multi-purpose Genius battery chargers can be sized to use in any automotive application including motorcycles, ATVs, cars, boats, tractors, trucks. The entire "Wicked-Smart" series of Noco chargers provides dual output voltage of either 6V and 12V or 12V and 24V and offer several charging modes to optimize performance on conventional lead acid, sealed AGM and lithium based batteries. The newly redesigned G26000 Noco charger offers a multifaceted approach incorporating a power supply setting, jump charge, 16V racing battery mode on top of the normal 12 volt and 24 volt mixed battery use settings. Truly, Noco has outdone themselves and set these multi-purpose Genius battery chargers not only one notch but several notches above the competition.

The Genius battery boosters are a great add on option. They are not your typical car charger, but they will keep all your USB powered devices charged while traveling in your vehicle or while standing outside your car for that matter! The Genius Boost jump starters are a must have tool to keep you charged while on the go. Not only will they keep your devices such as smartphones, tablets and game players powered they are essential should you ever find yourself with a flat tire or dead car battery. Check out how one of the Genius Boost jumper packs could help provide comfort for your next road trip.

Why Use Joules?

When evaluating the Noco Boost Jump Starters you may have noticed that there is different metric being used to help promote their ultra-safe capabilities. Calculating in joules as a measurement of power multiplied by time, demonstrates the actual starting power as opposed to the peak amp measurement over an indefinite amount of time. When working within an indefinite scale of time it is easier to manipulate results. Supplying measurements bound by time produces a finite number that cannot be manipulated

The Difference is Obvious

It’s time to retire your grandpa’s charger. Technology has changed.

Welcome to The Future of Charging

Large and heavy old-school chargers are in the past and a new era of charging technology is here. Every Genius charger is built on a modern high-frequency and high-efficiency platform. It not only makes these chargers significantly lighter and more compact, but more functional and safer than ever before. The result is a 97% smaller design that is 98% more efficient over the life of the charger. The scrap metal on your old charger is worth more than the technology it has inside.

  • 11 Item(s)
    1. $159.95

      The Noco G15000 is an UltraSafe 15A lithium & lead acid charger with a Jump Charge battery booster that is water, shock, dirt and dust-proof.
    2. $348.99


      The Noco GB150 jump starter, AKA the Boost Pro, is one of the most powerful and safe lithium battery boosters on the market as it delivers 22,500 Joules of starting power!
    3. $32.95

      The G750 is a selectable 750mAh 6 Volt / 12 Volt Power Sport Battery Charger.
    4. $44.95

      A Selectable 1.1Ah 6 Volt / 12 Volt Power Sport Battery Charger. Save 5.5% w/ coupon code: Noco2011
    5. $179.95

      Like having four (4) independent 1.1A chargers, but built into one housing. The Noco Genius G4 is a 6 volt & 12 volt ultra smart charger that will never overcharge your batteries.
    6. $61.95

      Switch between small battery mode for motorcycles & large battery mode for cars and RV's.
    7. $99.99


      The GB20 jump starter, AKA the Boost Sport, is Noco's smallest battery booster yet still delivers 4,650 Joules of starting power!
    8. $124.95


      The GB40 jump starter, AKA the Boost Plus, is Noco's most popular mid-size battery booster and delivers 7,000 Joules of starting power!
    9. $99.95

      A 7.2Ah 12 Volt & 3.5Ah 24V water resistant charger.
    10. $229.95


      The Noco GB70 jump starter, AKA the Boost HD, is one of the most powerful and safe battery boosters on the market as it delivers 15,700 Joules of starting power!
    11. $284.95


      A 26000mAh 12 Volt & 13000mAh 24V water resistant multipurpose charger.
    11 Item(s)