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IOTA 48 Volt Power Supply Converter Chargers

Find IOTA power supply converters for all your 48 volt DC applications. Use the external IQ4-54V to convert your 48V power supply into a 4 stage smart charger or purchase one with internal IQ4 smart charge technology already embedded.

IOTA Power Products featuring Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology deliver enhanced performance for demanding industrial applications. The Power Factor Correction design provides efficient utility consumption, operating at a Power Factor of >90% at full load. The PFC IOTA products allow increased power use from a typical 15 amp circuit, and meets CEC energy standards for more efficient power usage with less overall power consumption.

4 Item(s)
  1. $374.00

    IOTA DLS-48-20 Power Supply, 48 Volt 20 Amp
  2. $299.00

    IOTA DLS-54-13-IQ4 Converter Charger with Internal IQ4, 48 Volt 13 Amp
  3. $279.00

    IOTA DLS-54-13 Power Supply, 48 Volt 13 Amp
  4. $29.99

    Convert any 48V IOTA DLS series Power Supply into a 4-stage smart charger.
4 Item(s)