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Charge Master and Schauer Branded Chargers

Schauer Chargers

Schauer (formerly known as Japlar Schauer) is a manufacturer of quality commercial grade chargers with roots that date back over one hundred years! They have been producing their name sake battery chargers for over 50 years. Their experience building quality chargers and their longevity is something we have come to trust and you should as well! The Schauer battery chargers have really impressed our technical team during head-to-head competitor challenges.

Schauer specializes in golf cart and industrial style units as well as wheelchair mobility chargers. Recently, they updated the Charge Master chargers to be CEC compliant. The CM1A is now both a 6V and 12V one amp charger. The CM6A has been adjusted to be a 1/4/6 amp charger. It used to be a 2/4/6 amp unit. The CM16A is still available, but will be discontinued. It is replaced by the CM12A which is a versatile charger providing 1/8/12 amps. All of these new Charge Master series chargers have a 9 phase rejuvenating charge profile that has few revivals. We consider Schauer battery chargers a diamond in the rough that has been overshadowed by larger marketing dollars from inferior technology brands.

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    The CM16A has been replaced with the CM12A. Selectable for 2/8/16 amps and between wet, AGM, gel and Calcium type batteries.

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