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Universal Power Group (UPG) Batteries and Chargers

Universal Power Group

Universal Power Group (UPG) is one of the largest aftermarket suppliers of sealed lead acid (SLA) valve regulated AGM batteries in the USA. These SLA batteries can be found in Pride Mobility Scooters to UPS back-up systems to household alarm systems to remote telemetry solar applications. With a large range of power outputs UPG has you covered. Their Adventure Power and Phantom motorcycle lines are leading the way in the powersport industry with their sealed lead acid and lithium offerings. The automotive industry should take notice of UPG's new Drakon and Kinetik advanced AGM batteries. These batteries use 99.9% pure lead and silver-infused plates to generate industry leading power, capacity, and cycles.
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    The 71773 is a selectable 6 Volt - 12 Volt 750mAh Power Sport Battery Charger Maintainer.
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