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  • Should I disconnect my ATV battery during storage?
    If you know you won't be using your ATV battery for a long period of time, it is best to disconnect the battery and store it in a dry cool place. Ideally, batteries should be stored connected to a smart battery charger – or charged occasionally – to maintain optimal performance.
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  • What kind of battery should I use for my winch?
    For applications that require one battery to handle starting and deep cycle usage – such as winches, lights and other accessories used when the engine is not running – choose a battery with highest storage amps and cold cranking amps – and capable of being deeply discharged without damage. Odyssey batteries are often a great choice for such applications. When using a battery dedicated to accessories such as a winch, choose a deep cycle battery.
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  • Do I need to charge my new ATV battery before installing?
    ATV batteries arrive charged and ready to install.
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