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Battery Charger FAQs

  • What is a trickle charger?

    The original idea behind the term trickle charger was to create a charger that kept up with the natural self-discharge rate of lead acid batteries. The problem is every brand, style and size of lead acid based batteries incur different rates of discharge. So the one size fits all idea was not the best thought out plan. See What is a Smart Charger?

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  • Will this charger work for deep cycle marine batteries.

    This would not be my first choice for a marine deep cycle battery charger. The amperage output is to low and will cause unnecessary stress and potentially damage to both the battery and the charger. I would also consider a waterproof / water resistant charger.

    If your battery is between 35 and 75A you could use a 4 to 6A charger, consider the:

    Genius GENM1 4A charger

    Deltran 022-0157 5A Charger

    Dual Pro RS1 6A Charger

    If your battery is 75 to 130A you could use a 6 - 10A charger, consider the:

    Dual Pro RS1 6A Charger

    Genius GEN1 10A charger

    Dual Pro SS1 10A Charger

    If your battery is 100 to 250A you could use a 10- 15A charger, consider the:

    Dual Pro PS1 15A Charger

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  • Will a solar battery charger keep my battery charged?
    Yes, but you must match the output of the solar charger to the amount of energy you need to replace. Other considerations in determining the size of solar charger needed to restore your batteries include the amount of time the solar charger is exposed to sunlight, temperature, and the angle to the sun.
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  • How often should I charge my battery?
    Begin by storing the battery fully charged. From there, you should charge your battery once a month, or simply store your battery connected to a smart battery charger.
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  • What is a Smart Charger?

    A smart charger, sometimes called a float charger is a microprocessor controlled charger that safely reads and responds to a battery to perform a number of sophisticated charging functions, well beyond the capability of inexpensive trickle chargers. See What is a Trickle Charger?

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