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  • Why Won’t My Brand New EZGO Charger Work? No Lights Turn ON!

    If your new EZ GO charger is not working there are several things you can check to try and resolve the issue:

    1. 1. The most common step that is overlooked is checking to see if the cart is in tow mode. When the cart is in tow mode the receptacle is disengaged and the charger will not be able to recognize there are batteries present.
    2. 2. Make sure the charger plug is fully inserted into the golf carts receptacle.
    3. 3. Make sure the AC outlet is functioning properly.
    4. 4. If you recently installed new batteries ensure they were connected in series properly and register the correct voltage at the receptacle.
    5. 5. Check the inline fuses on the charger.
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  • The golf cart has 6 Trojan deep cycle batteries. How do we know if they are flooded or AGM?

    Trojan makes both flooded conventional deep cycle batteries and sealed AGM deep cycle batteries. They also make a sealed flooded maintenance free battery. There are several differences in appearance:

    1. Flooded will have caps on top that allow you access to the battery to add distilled water. AGM batteries will have a smooth top that cannot be opened.
    2. Most often if it is not flooded the battery will indicate in type font somewhere on the label that it is an AGM or maintenance free battery.
    3. If you shake a flooded or flooded maintenance free battery you will hear liquid jostling around. AGM batteries should have no sound of liquid.
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  • Should I disconnect my golf cart batteries during storage?
    If you know you won't be using your golf cart for a long period of time, it is best to disconnect the batteries and store them in a dry cool place. Ideally, batteries should be stored connected to a smart battery charger – or charged occasionally – to maintain optimal performance.
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  • Do I need to charge my new golf cart battery before installing?
    Golf Cart batteries arrive charged and ready to install.
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