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  • Why are there 4 terminals on this battery? My Yuasa Y50-N18L-A only has two...
    Most all of the MotoBatt sealed AGM batteries come with the advanced QuadFlex terminal configuration. This allows you to connect accessories to the opposite side of the battery and not compete for space on your primary terminal. this will reduce shorts caused by loose connections and provide ample space for all those gadgets we use.
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  • Can I use a smaller motorcycle battery than the original?
    Motorcycle batteries must have enough cold cranking amps to turn over the engine during starting. Batteries rated below the manufacturer's specifications will not perform well and can degrade or damage electrical components, including the battery.
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  • Should I disconnect my motorcycle battery during storage?
    If you know you won't be using your motorcycle battery for a long period of time, it is best to disconnect the battery and store it in a dry cool place. Ideally, batteries should be stored connected to a smart battery charger – or charged occasionally – to maintain optimal performance.
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  • Will starting my motorcycle in the winter keep the battery charged?
    While starting your bike every few weeks in the winter maintains many of the mechanical components of your motorcycle, it could end up harming your battery. Keep your battery connected to a smart battery charger during the winter months and other periods of light or non-use.
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  • Are all motorcycle batteries lead-acid?
    Some motorcycle batteries are available in Lithium Iron.
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  • Does my motorcycle have a gel battery?
    Except for a few European bikes such as select BMW and Ducati models. AGM batteries are the standard motorcycle battery type.
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  • Do I need to charge my new motorcycle battery before installing?
    Sealed motorcycle batteries arrive charged and ready to install. Conventional motorcycle batteries require adding water and/or acid, and charging before use.
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  • Why are the terminals on the MotoBatt so much smaller looking compared with the original Harley Battery?
    As you know the MotoBatt MBHD12H replaces the Harley Battery Part Number 66007-84 or the Yuasa YHD12. Those old style wet batteries use lead terminals. Lead is a soft material and can bend easily. Therefore the structural design had to be thick to withstand the torque, heat and vibration.The new MotoBatt batteries use copper which can carry the load with far less resistance, has a much higher melting point and will maintain its shape with 90% less material making it the premier choice.
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